Hold Qi up Stockholm [2012-09-22]

The leaves had started to turn yellow during the first basic course in Stockholm. Especially as the days get shorter and the temperature drops it's important to fill up with more qi. A whole bunch of people, both beginners and more advanced students, took the opportunity to learn and to practice qigong during the weekend. Several told about huge health improvements and how qigong is a tool for life.

Bellow follows more comments from the students:

Eczema, pollen allergy

"I've practiced seven years and I still enjoy basic courses. There's so much to learn and it's fun to get to know more. I'm very happy that I found qigong. I got rid of eczema that I've had since I was 20 years old. I had tried a lot to get rid of it and I've been hospitalized. After practicing two years the eczema started to disappear and now it's completely gone. My pollen allergic has disappeared as well. Last spring it was said that it was a lot of pollen in the air but I didn't notice."

Good course

"It has been a good course and it's fun with many beginners. I hope you give the training a chance and that you are disciplined for a period of time to really try qigong and to get training routines."

"It's been a great course. It's good to be here in the strong qi-field."

"It's been a nice course. Even though I've practiced for a while it's good to get corrections. It's also good to attend the training on Wednesdays, get corrections and to see everybody's improvements."

"I attended a course last spring but I didn't continue to practice. Anyway I chose to repeat the course and I'm proud that I did. I came here as my daughter recommended me the training, as I'm stiff. It's also interesting with all the wisdom behind the training."

"I've practiced for many years and it's fantastic how strengthen you are after a course. It's very positive for your own training. So take the opportunity to attend the weekly group training. It will help you a lot."

Tool for life

"I've practiced for six years and qigong is a great tool for life. My sleep has improved, I'm less stressed and it's good for my disease. I can really recommend the summer course. It can change the life. Unfortunately I'm quite lazy and I didn't practice during the winter. Then I got an inflammation in my backbones and I was really sick. I'm sure it was because I didn't practice. Now I'm here to get started again because it's a fantastic method for life."

Back pain

"I've pain in my back.This course I haven't had that much pain. It's a huge difference. Being in pain all the time doesn't make you a nice person."


"I started in April and I've also attended a summer course. It's fantastic. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I've tried a lot of things. Since I started to practice so much pain has disappeared and it happened so fast. I'm still in pain but now I'm in pain with a smile. I get a lot of positive energy in my body and I think it will solve many nodules. It has already taken nodules away that I've had for many years. It's also fun to attend a course to help someone who is newer than I am. It's fun to see that persons improvements. Helping each other gives a lot."

Mental problems

"I can recommend to read personal stories and course reports at the home page if you feel low. That will make you stronger. For me the course has been calm even though I was very busy last month and I've been tired. Years ago I was burned out and then I was very tired. Now I can handle the tiredness and I'm reminded who long ago it was since I had that kind of tiredness. I've had a lot of mental symptoms and that has improved a lot. Crises came and go but they crises also go away. Qigong is a wonderful tool. Even though you might need medicines qigong is a tool you always bring with you. Even though it's not easy all the time it goes the right way. Yesterday I turned 43 years but I feel softer than 20 years ago and my condition is better now compared to when I did sports sex times a week."


Lars Hagner