Summer Course Two Nossebro [2012-07-04]

Xing Shen Zhuang is the main exercise in the second step of the Zhineng Qigong school. It is also the exercise we mainly focus on at summer course two. Last summer we taught it for the first time and it was highly appreciated. Many students have praticed Xing Shen Zhuang during the year and were able to deepen their knowledge and therefore practice with better quality. Other students learned the exercise for the first time and were pleasantly surprised. It was great help for the newer participants that some students already had learned Xing Shen Zhuang.

As usual many students in different ages and from different countries attended the course. The relaxed atmosphere with many smiles is one important reason why many people come back year after year. It's easy to get to know new people and get friends. Everybody socialize with each other and qigong is like a second family. You meet at courses, support and follow each other's development.

Summer course two 2012 group

Many participants choose to help in different ways to make the course as good as possible. They work in the kitchen, clean the dishes, clean, entertain at the cabaret and many other things. For many students it's become more and more obvious that it is important to do good things for other people to feel good oneself. To help other is an important part in the philosophies of Zhineng Qigong.

The qi-field, that has been built during the near 20 years that we've been working in scandinavia, is very strong. Last year the qi-field was upgraded and many experience a stronger feeling of qi, a deeper understanding and trust in the method. That the qi-field is stronger makes the results from the training even better and at the course many people improved their health, got more energy, became calmer and felt a greater happiness.

The statistics from our questionnaire showed that the results were very good. 82 % felt less stressed, 75 % got and increased energy level and 70 % of those that felt depressed before the course had less depression after the course.

summer course two 2012 statistics

The spontaneous comments from the participants can also provide important information about the results in the course. One student said that the knee-operation that was planned for in the autumn could be cancelled. Others talked about pain that disappeared, anxiety that had been replaced with a calm and many other things. Below follows more comments from the participants:

Deeper calm and stronger sense of qi

"It has been a nice course. I would like stay for some more training. I noticed after the last summer that this new course had a good influence on me. I'm getting a deeper sense of calmness. I have a stronger feeling of qi; that has helped me very much. I've been working quite hard physically before the course and I could clearly feel that in my legs during the first days. My tonsils which has been swollen is now normal. I have never felt so agile as after the first time we practiced xing shen zhuang. I will try to keep that state. I have a better feeling of what's good and what's not so good, and the power to not do the bad things. That's good. I'm very grateful for qigong."

Can handle the migraine

"This was my best summer course so far. After two or three days, my body started to feel softer and lot of things started happening. I thought I trusted the qi-field but I was not so sure when I got migraine, which I have about eight times a year. Then I usually take a medicine. Three days ago I suffered from migraine and I decided not to take a pill, which is really hard because migraine affects me so much in the head and the body. After morning training it was gone, that was amazing. The next days it came back and I decided to practice dunqiang, which in normal situations does not belong to my favorite exercises. I practiced in the room, not in the hall, in order to show for myself that it also works outside the hall. And at about eight o'clock the migraine was gone. It was a great experience."

Improved back and wrists

"During the first couple of days I was very tired, both in my body and in my head. But last Friday I felt vigorous again and knew the tiredness had passed. All the training we did together went very well. I am very happy that practicing dunqiang, which I learned for the first time 2007, goes much better now. I really enjoy doing the exercise and think it is very good for my back. When I came to the course my wrists and especially my thumbs were very stiff, but now that is also much better. I have really enjoyed the course."

Ten good years with qigong

"This was my tenth summer course. Without Zhineng Qigong I would have been a pensioner. When I got home after my first summer course I told my husband I will subscribe the course for ten years. Now I will renew the subscription for another ten years. It has been a wonderful course. I didn't have as much pain in my feet as I usually have. I can feel how qi is working on my wrists. I still have some problems with my back but it's next to nothing. My allergy is gone. I used to be very sensitive to birch pollen but for the last three years I haven't taken any medicine for pollen allergy. I could for the first time feel the smell of flowers this spring. Fantastic."

The scar is disappearing

"One of my main goals is to get rid of the consequences of a bike accident many years ago. Training qigong has helped me a lot already and I do not need arthrodesis surgery any more. Qigong does what ordinary health care cannot provide. During this course my scar has started to disappear! First it hurts and then it feels like paradise. Thanks for all laughter and the great organization."

Walks better and back straighter

"I have neuropathy, my nerves doesn't get the stimulation they need. The big muscles take over the small muscles function. Especially the feet are affected. During the course I got better control over my left foot, I walk better and I believe my back is straighter."

Qigong is building me up again

"This was my fifth summer course. Qigong is picking up the pieces and building me up again. I feel much better. I am much stronger now and especially Dun Chiang goes very well. Yesterday I squatted down further than any time before since I got ill in rheumatism. I was surprised to notice that my knees could manage this. The last two years I have also been treated for a wound that did not want to heal. This was very demanding and I would never have managed without qigong. When I got in-hospital care always took with me the qigong CD:s in order to be able to continue practicing. Now I am free from the treatments I can continue building up myself. The atmosphere has been great this course, which has been the quietest and most peaceful I have experienced. And the good food and the happiness in the kitchen also have made an impression on me. I look forward to the weekly training in Gothenburg. Thanks for a wonderful course."

Summer course two training

Good concentration and pleasant holiday

"This course was completely different from last year's course, when I was tired and had to work hard in order to manage. Now my experience was different and I was able to enjoy the training more. I started practicing qigong because I had problems with my back. Today my back is much better. My blood pressure is also lower after previously having been slightly high. As many have said it is nice to concentrate on the training without having to think of anything else. This is a very pleasant holiday for me."

Improved blood glucose level

"Last winter I was diagnosed with diabetes, a mix between type 1 and 2. I got medication and my blood glucose values stabilized after this. This course I have tried to manage without medication and it has gone well. I have not been tired when practicing. When I measured my blood glucose during the course it was above normal levels, but not at all as high as one could have expected after having taken away the medication. It will be exciting to see what happens after the course. I enjoy the training very much."

Nice to be here

"I have practiced qigong for many years and have been thinking a lot about how nice it is to be here. I am grateful for having this opportunity and for not having to think of anything else than the training. The arrangement is excellent, which makes it easy to be here."

Soft and nice skin

"I have been practicing for seven years and already after one and a half year my eczema disappeared. This made me very happy, as I have suffered from eczema during my whole adult life. Usually I smear an ointment on my face in order to keep the skin soft, but I have not done that during the course and my skin is soft and nice!"

No need for compression stockings

"My son encouraged me to start practicing qigong. It took one and a half year before I joined a course, but when I did it went well. When I came here I had pain in one of my calves. I bought compression stockings before the course but I did not need them. My legs feel all right again!"

Stronger and more positive

"My legs were very weak when I came to the course but today I feel much fitter and stronger. I have focused on improving my gung fu and practised until 01.00 almost every night. But most of all I am very happy that everything has gone well for my mother and that she feels so much better now. It feels great to do Xing Shen Zhuang with more relaxation. It has been a fantastic course and the cabaret gets better and better for every year!"

It is nice to make new friends

"I notice that the training goes better for every year, both physically and mentally. I also want to thank all and say how happy I am to get to know new people and make such good friends. It is great to experience that at my age. Thanks!"

Better concentration, shoulder and thumb

"I have had some major breakthroughs during this course. First, my shoulders have become better. A frozen shoulder, which I had on my right side, is much better now than before. The osteoarthritis lump on my hand has actually also decreased in size and my thump is much more flexible. Another breakthrough is that my trust in the qi-field has increased and that helps me to concentrate."

More beautiful and less pain

"Last year I suffered from a bleeding in the urethra five days before the start of the second summer course. Salhgrenska Hospital sent an acute referral, but I decided to go to the course while waiting for my appointment. I gradually got better during the course and when they investigated me in the hospital after about three months I was completely recovered! This year the pain in my right shoulder has disappeared. I also notice that qigong makes us more beautiful."

Pain in the heart and shoulder disappeared

"I practiced for thirteen years. I have been thru two major heart surgeries and I have a connective tissue disorder. My body needs a renovation, that's why I'm here. I've had pain around my heart this year. It can be described as cramps or something that's pulsating. During one of the qi regulations the pain just disappeared, it was very nice. I had severe pain in my shoulder after an accident last year that disappeared during the course. Thank you very much, very good course."

Improved body control

"I have a muscular disease and I've been thru a tram accident. A lot of things happened to me during this course. My chest has broadened and I have better movability in my shoulders. My shoulders have fallen in to a better position; they don't stand out like wings anymore. I can do circles with them now. My chest feels lighter. I feel straighter and can stand by myself, I don't feel frightened if I stand alone and no one is around. My balance is better; I'm not that dizzy in the mornings. My right knee is ok now; I had many problems with it. Also my right wrist has improved. Thanks to everybody who has helped me, the organizers of the course and those who work in the kitchen."

May skip knee surgery

"It was a fantastic course. I see level one and two as one course, they are connected. I came here with two ailments. The first is anxiety or unease. Many said this was a calm course and that helped me very much. I don't feel worried any more. The second thing is my knee that I injured on a vacation. Two surgeons in China, where I live, wanted to fix me. My insurance company sent me home and I met a wise surgeon in Gothenburg who wanted to wait and only operate if absolutely necessary. My leg was then in a very bad condition. It was locked like an asparagus, no muscles was left, couldn't feel the muscles. I couldn't jump, run or dance. When I came here I was very focused on my knee. When we did dunqiang I became very tired and had to lie down on the floor. My leg felt very strange and stiff. Suddenly something happened in my back and the leg felt really good. I became straighter which is good for my practice; I feel my balance is better. I have been able to run after that and I will go home and dance tomorrow! I have an appointment for surgery this autumn for my knee; I'm not going to do that operation."

Got rid of dark thoughts

"It has been a calm course. My health was very bad when I came here. I had dark and evil thoughts. I wanted to keep and raise them but something suddenly happened. It was like someone turned the page inside of my head or heart and the dark thoughts disappeared. It felt really nice. Hopefully I can keep the dark thoughts out of my head. I can put both hands together now. My hands feel totally different. My feet are also much better. Thanks to everybody for participating on the course and creating this amazing qi field."

Like a new person

"Thanks for a wonderful course and all the joy. Last year I joined my first course and that was the best thing I've ever done. This course was even greater. I feel like a new person."

No pain in the broken arm

"This was my second summer course. I broke my arm three weeks ago so I wondered if I could come because of the pain. The pain was intense when I came here, but now I have no pain at all. It has been a very nice course."


Su Dongyue