HQU 2 Copenhagen [2012-06-02]

After a number of basic Hold Qi Up courses has been arranged in Copenhagen during the last several years we now taught Hold Qi Up 2 for the first time in Denmark. Several Danes who had participated in many of our basic courses joined in, and we also had some visitors from Norway and Sweden.

During the course we had a relaxed atmosphere which enabled us to concentrate well and improve the practice and learn more about Hold Qi Up. We also had sufficient time to simply relax with the practice. The participants had a strong feeling of qi and felt relaxed and harmonious.

Some of the participants comments can be found below.

Hold Qi Up 2 in Copenhagen in June 2012

Alert and calm

When I arrived at the course I felt tired, actually I felt completely exhausted. Lately I have had problems both at my work and with my practice. I have felt very comfortable during the course. Today (Sunday) I feel much better than I did Friday. Something happened yesterday that I can´t really explain. I haven't slept much last night but I still feel alert and calm. Unforgettable!

Exciting and rewarding practice

I have been doing Qigong for a number of years and I find it very pleasant. The new exercise where we gently sway forwards and backwards is very exciting and rewarding. That small exercise was enough to make the weekend very enjoyable. I got a lot out of this weekend with all that training. Once you have been on a course and learned something and you think that you are doing it right but then during the course you discover it should have been done somewhat different. The things you have learned are still there, latent beneath the surface ready to emerge in a different way.

Increased circulation in the hands and fewer disturbing thoughts

During the first hours of the course I got a strange feeling in my hands. My knuckles seemed to have disappeared. My hands worked perfectly but they felt very different. It was a strange experience. Usually my thoughts are all over the place during practice but during this course I had moments where I felt almost calm. Only a few thoughts disturbed the practice. It felt very relaxing. When I practice on my own I like to do it early in the morning. It makes the working dag much easier.

Much more effect from the training

I have been training for a number of years and after each new course I usually say that once again I have learned something new. It still surprises me that this time and time again proves to be the case. I feel that my arm training is a lot more rewarding. One single arm exercise now gives me much more result than before. It feels so pleasant that I feel I might grow dependent on the arm exercises. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to concentrate during this course.

Wonderful practice and better concentration

I felt very bad both physically and mentally when I started training several years ago. Since that I have continued to improve and now I feel fairly well. I used to find it difficult to concentrate and that´s why I like the Hold Qi Up 2 courses since there is less teaching and more training. Now on Sunday afternoon I feel really well.

Happy, pleased and talkative

I have been to courses for a few times now and it feels wonderful every time. It is extraordinary to see most people arrive a little stiff and stressed but after a few hours everybody´s happy and pleased and everybody is talking to one another. Then lots of good things happen.

Better back and less stressed

When I began training I had a lot of problems with my back. They are mostly gone now. Also I don´t get colds as often as before. The practice also makes me less stressed and I´m able to handle the remaining stress better. I have received a lot of very helpful corrections that enables me to gain more from the practice. The new parts we have learned also enables me to gain more from the practice. It feels very pleasant.

Don´t get cold anymore

I have trained for some years and I feel it´s very helpful. My body is much more agile and I have stopped getting colds. If someone with a cold is nearby it is no longer a problem. They can sneeze at me and still I don´t get infected.


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen