HQU 2 Turku [2012-05-26]

The last course of the spring in Finland was a Hold Qi Up 2 course. As usual the course was well attended with participants from near and far. The most distant participant came all the way from China. The atmosphere in the course was warm and cordial. Participants felt very welcome and several expressed their gratitude for meeting their qigong friends, both new and old ones.

The training was effective, and the participants thought that the new things we learned in the course enriched their training. Many noticed good results during the course. A woman contacted us a few days after the course to tell us about her amazing recovery. Her right arm, which she could not lift at all during the course, had healed completely. Read more about her recovery in her personal story.

You can read a selection of the students' comments about the course below.

Felt completely healed

"I have had difficulties getting up from my chair, but after the basic course in Shenxin Qigong two weeks ago, I have managed that better. Today I have sensed feeling in my body for the first time in years. After a tram accident, I have been extra sensitive, but that has improved. For example, I slept really well last night. For a moment, I felt completely healed; I did not know what was what in my body and how it usually feels. It was a strange feeling. Thanks to all of you. This course is the first time I've lived with strangers, without an assistant and without having checked all the practical details in advance. It's just the way I was before. I look forward to the summer course."

More energy

"It's been a lovely and pleasant course. I have been waiting for it, because I've had a busy spring; among other things I have moved to a new apartment. On Saturday night I felt my energy return. I got a lot out of the lectures."

A greater calm

"What has meant the most to me with qigong, is the calm I get and not being stressed out. I have a calm attitude towards work. During this weekend I have been gathering strength for demanding tasks at work."

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"I am Zhineng Qigong Swedish. I do not think the words in my native language. I'm not even entirely sure what they mean in Finnish, but I understand them anyway. I need peace. I've got a lot out of this course, so I will probably have more peace of mind. I have learned Swedish, and I've learned that things will work out as long as you are patient. I have many tools for when I go back to China. It's pretty hectic there, even though Zhineng Qigong comes from there."

"In March I attended my first course. This course has been easier. I felt very calm when I went home on Saturday night."

"I will not be able to go join the summer courses this summer. This course is a substitute. It's been a good course, we've practised well. I feel like I have been able to leave all my thoughts and concentrate on practising."

Help with both back pain and panic attacks after car accidents

"I'm Finnish, but I have learned qigong Swedish. I've been training for years and had both physical and psychological help. I've had back problems after having been in two car accidents. I have also had panic attacks, but now I have not had an attack for a long time. I know that qigong makes me calm. This has been a nice course with a lot of qi. I'm eagerly anticipating the summer course."

More supple and less worried

"I join a course as often as possible, to keep myself motivated to practise at home. I've practised for seven years. I notice improvements in regular, everyday things with qigong: I'm softer, calmer and I don't worry any longer."

More effect of the movements

"I think the course has given me a lot. I get more effect out of the movements."

Good atmosphere in the course

"What I particularly appreciate about the courses is the sense of fellowship. You meet old friends. It feels warm and welcoming. It feels good to join a course, there is no need to feel tense or nervous."

"This is my fifth course in Finland. Joining a course away from home is special. It is nice to cut all ties to everyday life. It's like a vacation. When you work as much as I have done, the analytical brain runs at full steam ahead all the time. Now I'm beginning to get back to my normal state. It's nice to hang out with my qigong friends. I laugh more often with you."

Stronger self confidence

"Calm is the big thing that I get from practising. I knew I could boost my self confidence before giving birth by joining this course."

Better quality of life

"It has been a really nice course. A strong qi-field. I think that I have felt it, it has made me calm. Qigong has given me so much. I am calm, not stressed and I sleep better. Things that improve my quality of life."

"This was a wonderful course. Thank you! I have a couple of huge projects that I'm doing. I have decided to get through. I feel that I now have good support. The energy and tranquility of the qi-field are a nice combination and I feel like I'm leaving as a happy zombie, as a capable human being. Why rush to find justification for life? We are all part of this. Thank you all, it has been pleasant."

Have gained confidence

"I'm very satisfied. This is again the best course ever. I am very grateful for the summer course. It helped me cope with things that I needed to do. I have confidence. It is possible to manage even though things feel hopeless. And it is thanks to qigong."

Muscle aches alleviated

"I take cortisone, but I'm trying to reduce the amount. It has the side effect that I get muscle aches. Qigong helps me feel better. Instead of a sick 90-year-old, I feel like a sick 70-year-old. The people at home also notice that I feel better. In Finnish there is an expression for when you're a little lost, called "pallo hukassa" [the ball is lost] and so it has been with La Qi. My ball has been a little lost. But that has improved now. It is not so lost anymore. It has been nice to listen and learn from the lectures. Corrections are always good"

Good course, rewarding lectures

"Good course. We have practised well."

"I've suffered from mycoplasma throughout the spring. I hope that the course has given me something that is purging that. I was a little worried about the course, but grateful for the talk about keeping calm in everyday life."

"Qigong is important to me. It has given me much help. These days, my back is free of symptoms. I am calmer and happier."

"This was a great course. I could have continued for days."


Lars Hagner