HQU 2 Norwich [2012-05-12]

For the first time in Norwich and England we had an enhanced course in Hold Qi Up. Many people had waited for this course so they showed a lot of appreciation about it. The atmosphere was calm and at the same time there where a lot of curiosity from the students and eager to learn more about Hold Qi Up and qigong.

Many commented that they got good corrections when we worked two and two and that helped them for example to get a better body regulation. Many also thought that the new thinking way will help them in their practising.

Some comments from participants:

Personal repair to my body

"I felt very welcomed by everyone when I arrived to the course. I have had problems with pain from my kidneys, but I feel that qigong has helped to move it on. I feel that there has been personal repair to my body. This course has been rather like summer course."

"It has been an interesting weekend. I have been very tired recently. It has been an oppressive tiredness, but I had a blissful sleep yesterday. The course has opened me up to allow my body to rest."

Energy levels shot up

"I also felt very welcomed. My energy levels shot up. I have had severe inflammation in my tummy but I feel it is clearing. I managed to do much more on the course than I thought I would, for example I managed to do a whole session of Hold Qi Up which I haven't done for a long time."

Lovely calmness

"I felt real welcome here and also a feeling of lovely calmness. It is so nice to be out of the rat race for a while. I hope after this course that I can get back to regular practise."

Norwich HQU2 120513

"Thank you everyone, I was shattered and in a bit of a whirl. I learnt about being calm. My mind has been racing but now it is calmer."

Good corrections

"I have had some lovely corrections. Thank you for your support."

"All you people made the weekend special. I have recovered some balance that I had lost. The corrections have made a difference. Again, many thanks to everyone."

"I felt exhausted yesterday but it was something special. It was good to have corrections."

Good with the extra bits

"It has been a very good weekend. It has been good to learn the extra bits."

"I usually find the corrections difficult but this time we found a harmony in it. The qi was the strongest that I have experienced. Standing and moving backwards and forward made something special happen. My experience is fine."

"Thank you. Every time I come I get more. I feel so much better for it. My foot that hurts hasn't been a problem today. I have been able to share my problems."

"An excellent weekend course. It has been helpful to have lots more to put in to it. I thought it might be slow, but I was very satisfied and got a lot out of it. I sometimes have difficulty standing for a long time, but I have found it fine this weekend. Possibly to do with the correction of my posture. Thank You!

Better relationship

"It has been wonderful. I feel that qigong helps with our whole relationship with the world. I will be practising more often. Thank you very much!"

Balance and stability

"Thank you everyone for your contributions. Last week I was really exhausted. Now I am moving into some balance and stability. It has been good to hear what I have been intuitively thinking. I am now thinking more about the quality in the practising."


Fatima Ringvall