Shenxin Qigong Helsinki [2012-05-12]

Mother's Day was celebration with qigong in Helsinki where happy attendees gathered at Brändö gymnasium to learn Shenxin qigong which is held every second year in the capital city. We had a mother and daughter joining us, but also a mother-to-be in the eighth month. Participants spoke about many improvements: urgent help with burn blisters, a tough shoulder injury that has been healed, better sleep, arch of a foot dropped down and straightened. The atmosphere at the course was as warm as the spring sun on Brändö. As one participant said: people get so happy and balanced, everybody's shining like the sun!

From the participants' comments:

Shoulder, back problems and sciatica better

"This was a wonderful course, thank you. I started practicing last year in September, I had problems with my right shoulder, after a few months the pain disappeared. I had severe sciatica in the beginning of the year, it is also much better, almost gone."

"I like this method. I practice every morning and evening. Qigong has helped me a lot, physically and mentally. I've had back problems, I could not sit, I was on sick leave. Now I feel much better, much better!"

"This was something completely new to me, never heard of qigong before, it opens up a whole new world. I was stiff in my shoulders when I arrived, it has eased over the weekend."

"I've been meaning to join the course many years. I feel in my shoulders that I need this."

Burn blisters disappeared

"I like to practice Shenxin, it´s so rewarding to practice together in the family. A new thing happened: I spilled tea on my wrist when I was on the train going home after a business trip. It got really bright red and blistered, but when I came to Turku, I went to the group and practiced for two hours and afterward the redness and the blisters were completely gone!"

Working for running the Marathon

"This was my first Shenxin. I have a shoulder injury that has healed. I will try and run the marathons this Summer, I'm sure that qigong will help me succeed."

Better sleep, muscles grown back, arch of the foot straighter

"These courses are like a vitamin syringe, I've had two tough weeks now. I had a stomach ache yesterday and was beat, but I felt ok anyway. I attended after the course yesterday a long concert, without food, only a year ago I would not have survived that. I sleep a lot better. I have 15 years of sleeping with pills, pain pills, herbs and earplugs close by. But I don't need them anymore. I have a muscular decease and my muscles have started to grow back in my back, arms, legs. I have contact with my muscles on and off, but nowadays it is more on. I am mentally much calmer, steadier. One more thing has happened over the weekend, my arches in my feet are unusually high, they have fallen down, I noticed it today when I put on a pair of shoes this morning which usually are hard to put on. My feet feel much softer."

Helsingfors SXQ 120513

"It's been a really nice course, I've noticed details. I have been helped with corrections. When I am restless, it's wonderful to practice Shenxin. I practice because I feel so much better, I do not need more sleep so much, gives a great deal."

Joy of life, help in the healing process after surgery

"It was my back that got me started. Today in the knee-bending thing I came all the way down, it was fun, I have never been able to do that before. I have feel more joyful in my life through Qigong, I have new challenges ahead of me. I had surgery four weeks ago and qigong has helped me in the healing process. I get mental help through qigong."

The flu gone, more alert

"I had a really tough months of March and April, but then I got into practicing every day and it helped a lot. When I practice in the evening, I feel fresh and rested in the morning. I have had sensations of getting the flu, but it went away over the weekend."

"I've practiced for three years and am motivated when I have ailments. I'm on maternity leave now for five weeks, the baby is due to arrive. I have pain in the shoulder and it gives me a push to practice more now. Qigong gives me a lot, I can not specify exactly why, but I always feel more alert and healthier when I practice."

Mentally better, happier

"I learn something new every time I join a course, so every time I make progress. Qigong helps me physically and mentally, I feel the difference if I do not practice."

"I recommend the Summer course, people get so happy and balanced, everybody's shining like the sun, all of them. The same goes for the Autumn course in Finland. I practice mainly Shenxin, but do not forget about Hold qi up. It's fun to come here to have some corrections. Thanks for a great course!"

"It has been a strong course, thank you!"


Camilla Heidenberg