Shenxin Qigong Trondheim [2012-04-14]

21 participants joined Trondheim Shenxin Qigong, 12 were newcomers. 3 came by car 200 km - from Östersund, Sweden to attend this course.

One of the participants was waiting for a knee surgery. During the weekend the swollen knee, as well as the balance became much better. Another participant measured lower blood pressure allready after the 1st course day.

The lecture was much appreciated. The weekend was good, thanks to the participants' mutual effort for improvement – responding well to the strong Qi-field.

Course participants' comments


"I have been practising Zhineng Qigong for 2 years. I suffer from rheumatism, which is very painful. Today my back and neck were better."

Knee and hip problems better. New balance

"As a beginner I came here yesterday with an open mind. I enjoy practising Zhineng Qigong, and the teacher's instructions are easy to follow. My knee has been painful and swollen for a long time, and I am waiting for an operation. Yesterday, however, I could suddenly straighten out my leg, and today my whole body has gained balance."

"My knee- and hip problems are now reduced, feeling softer."

Heavy neck pain. Blood pressure lowered

"Yesterday evening, after the 1st course day I suddenly felt much energized, which is not my common state after gym. My neck pain suddenly disappeared. I suffer from high blood pressure. Measuring yesterday evening my blood pressure had decreased."

Neck stiffness

"I suffer from a neck- and shoulders' stiffness. Allready yesterday, after the first course day I felt something happening there. During the Snake Arm practice something was happening to my neck; the pain was getting even more intense until it suddenly disappeared. My husband was touching my neck, noticing the muscles being much softer than before."

Big toe operation

"5 weeks ago my big toe was operated. I was anxious to see if I was able to stand during the whole course weekend, however that was not a problem at all."

Shoulders softer. Pain disappeared

"I am optimistic about this. During the Qi-regulation yesterday my shoulder pain disappeared."

Clear and open mind, softer knees

"This course has been interesting. I feel open, and my mind is clear. My knees now feel soft."

The Qi-field

"I feels good being in the Qi-field."

"Yesterday I felt calm. This feels good."

I get what I need from Zhineng Qigong

"The Zhineng Qigong training has made me calmer and energized. Earlier I was doing much 'work out' training. Now I only cultivate Zhineng Qigong. That is all I need."

Getting peace of mind

"My mind is bothered by feelings and thoughts. Yesterday my mind suddenly was quiet."

Zhineng Qigong is my friend

"Zhineng Qigong is a good friend, allways 'at hand' when I need it, helping me taking better choices. I would like to learn more by practising."

2012-04-15 SXQ Trondheim


Patrik Rastija