Hold Qi up Stockholm [2012-04-14]

It was indeed April weather when we organized this spring's second course in Hold qi up in Stockholm. Despite the wet snow in heaps outside all registered participants and a few more came to the Museum of Eastern Arts and its beautiful auditorium where the course was held. It was a little cramped in the room but that did not affect us, the strong qi-field and the good atmosphere dominated.

All beginners struggled on and learned quickly, especially with the good help of our more experienced students. A novice with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia sent us a long mail the day after the course and thanked for the course. Here is some of what she wrote: "I thought I would be even more tired when I got home on Sunday - BUT - imagine my surprise when I got home at 19 o'clock on Sunday, I was so filled with energy that I can not remember the last time I felt so energized, I felt euphoric! Total full of happiness and energy, I hardly knew how to express it! My family almost laughed at me and asked me if I have taken any "pills"! this is really wonderful! This whole day I think that i have been walking around with a little "goofy" smile on my face and I still feel a quite different energy in the body! And I've even felt a little less pain in my hips, less than I usually have, it feels like my (wonderful) life has finally begun! I think I have "come home"!! So once again THANK YOU!"

From the partcipants comments


"Thanks for all the energy I have gotten here."

Understand more

"Now it's the second time I go weekend course and now things are clearer for me. These days have been great. There are so many things that I have picked up this time."

"For me the summer course was like turning a corner, after the course I understood so much more of what Qigong is and what it can give me. I felt how good it makes me feel. I've learned a lot during this course, I wondered how I could miss so much last the course. I can close my eyes slowly now for the first time."

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Calmer, mentally better

"I've trained more actively in a year and a half. It is easier for me not become irritated. I have a greater calm. Big ambitions, maybe I will join the summer course."

"The course feels much better than I expected. I makes me calm and it feels really good now at the end of the course."

This is a fantastic tool. When I started training many years ago and I had major back problems, but I can say that it is not just my back that has gotten better, I'm also mentally stronger. I feel so calm and content. I really like the group training training, they make me so relaxed, I highly recommend them."

"I have been training for 6 years and I've got lots of results many physical, but what I think is the most important are the mental improvements. I can handle life easier and better. Demands does not feel so heavy anymore, I will not be as easily pulled in by what happens around me, I'm not so easily irritated and I can handle my job and stress much easier. I will continue to practice."

Physical improvements

"I have improved physically, my life before with many colds, sinus infections, urinary tract infections, etc. I have almost forgotten all of it now."

"Before I started training I had such severe pain I was bedridden. Making them even the smallest things in life was a huge challenge. Some examples of that was that I could not even cut the bread and had to buy machine cut bread, taking a shower was a huge challenge because of the pain. The doctors discovered that my organs started to shut down and I had been on sick leave for a whole year. But after I started training, I've lost a lot of pain."

Softer, better concentration

"When I started training, I was very stiff and I really had to fight my way through the movements, but I quickly became softer, and I could walk differently. I have also had better concentration and I am no longer so quiet. In my experience, because I was so stiff in the beginning, it helps the movement even if you do not manage to do them so well, if not I had not become so much better in the beginning."

Less Pain

"I've been training since February 2010. I have had trouble with my back since my child were born. After I started practice qigong, I gave birth to a second child. My back problems are not gone, but i have a lot less pain. I can move in a different way now. It is important to continue with the group training on Wednesdays."

"When I started, I had chronic pain in the shoulders and neck because I had spent so much in front of the computer. I have been training for 3 years now and I feel so much better. It was after my first summer course that much of this happened. Now I'm not bothered by the pain anymore."


"I've trained for eight years. I have rheumatism and thought that this training could probably be like soft gymnastics that could help me. Although I have the help of physical exercise, it is mainly the mental that has been good for me. The training taught me to live with this body and I have basically been practicing every day since I started. I've been to all the summer courses, even though I first thought "why am I inside a gym when it is summer and nice outside." But you can experience beautiful things even in there. I have learned to prioritize clearer today, can choose what I do not need in my life. Exercise is a great tool. Congratulations to all the new ones that found their way here."


"The summer course is fantastic and I recommend people to go there."


Lars Hagner