Hold Qi up Ekenäs [2012-03-31]

After the first day most of the participants felt relaxed and pleasently calm and had had an unusually good nights sleep. Some comments from the end of the class:

Good to repeat

"I have been training for many years, but it's been a long time since my last week-end course. It has been great to repeat, to correct and to get inspiration. Very relaxing. I think it's good to take a course once a year."

"This is my second basic course. I am happy I took a second one, the first time around I was a bit skeptical. Maybe I am less skeptical now. It felt great, except in the feet."

"I took my first class in February. Now I got more material to work with and answers to many of my questions. I am trying Qigong because I try to improve my wellbeing after a great loss."

Ekenäs LUQ 120331

Liking the calm

"I have been on sick leave for long periods of time, because of back and neck problems. A coworker had tried a class of Qigong and recommended it to me. It has been great fun. I like the calm a lot. I think this could be something for me."

"I have been wanting to find a light form of exercise. Everything I've tried before has been tough. The calm in this practice suits me. I have problems with neck and shoulders, and so I wanted to give this a chance."

Group training a good support

"I have no physical health issues, except sometimes pain in the neck. But there is all kinds of stress in my daily life, I'd need to relax. Yesterday evening I noticed I was more relaxed than usually. And this philosophy feels familiar. I think group training is very important."

"I would never have imagined taking a class like this. I have always been into very dynamic sports. I love it. It was an ex-coworker who recommended me to try Qigong. I plan to come to the group training. The movements are good for the calm and the balance. A class like this is great for relaxing."

Training morning and night

"I took my first qi gong class in 2004, but it took many years before I started practising regularly. Now it is my most important excercise physically as well as mentally. It feels very good. I usually practise every morning. Now I'll start practising in the evening as well."

No more lumbago

"I have been practising for a while. I started because of recurring lumbago. Before I'd tried with exercise and walks. It took a while before I started noticing improvements. Now I no longer suffer from lumbago, or only rarely and only for one day. Previously I could be out for a week. I started for physical reasons, but now the mental effects are more important to me. I have more energy, I'm happier and more relaxed, And I haven't had a cold for years. I practise every day, quite much. Since 2009 I have participated in the summer courses. It took a long time before I wanted to go, but it was really wonderful."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm