Hold Qi up Hangö [2012-02-11]

A happy and friendly atmosphere characterised the weekend course in Hold Qi Up in Hangö. The beginners were eager to learn the movements and thankful for the help they got from the repeating students. Those who have trained long could talk about many kinds of health improvements. Below some comments.

Comfortable movements

"I think it has been interesting and relaxing. And I had such a wonderful coach. Relaxation and the symmetric physical movements felt good. It certainly does good for the body. I've been sick for a month and had problems with my balance. I'm amazed that I could stand for so long with my eyes closed."

"I came on the course without really knowing anything. I work in medicine. I am curious. Previously, I have devoted myself to milder forms of sport. To stand still was new and cool. It has been very positive. The movements are beautiful. My neck felt all warm when I got home yesterday."

Mental purification

"What has happened in this course is that which has not happened, and it's great. When I was younger I was in to sports and I am used to the thought that there always has to be a next step. But yesterday when I got home I felt at once how nice it was to just be in the being. As if I have been mentally cleaned, purified."

Good with corrections

"I feel very positive about this. It has been nice and I've gotten good feedback. It is good that you get the movements corrected. Everyone was happy and nice. I plan to keep this up. I'm a slow learner, but I'm stubborn. I will not give up."

Hangö LUQ 1202

Vertebra in place

"I always think that each new course has been the best, and I say it again. I started with qigong because I do not like the ordinary group gymnastics and I realised I needed something. I have learned to stand correctly and my posture has improved. Only now I realise how stiff I was. Last winter a vertebra slipped back into place. I got it confirmed in an X-ray. Now something is starting to happen in my shoulders. In this course, I think I've finally been able to do the arm movements to the side properly. This summer I intend to go to the summer course in Sweden."

Better balance

"I came on the course because I had to quit other forms of exercise. I understand that Qigong is a gentle form of movement. These two days have been very positive. Even my balance has improved. I slept well, and was amazed at how energetic I was in the evening."

"My balance was completely off when I started practicing qigong. It has become much better. This was my fifth course. Only now I got the leg movements to feel right. This has been a wonderful course. And a happy course. Hope there will be another course soon. I am going to the summer this year. Now I have said so - and I always keep my word."

Pollen allergy disappeared

"I had no idea that qigong would be about health when I started practising. Nor did I think I was sick. Even if I happened to have various inflammations. I do not have them anymore. I can get mild colds, but they pass in a few days. I also lost my pollen allergy. At Christmas I went to Germany by boat during a storm. Earlier I used to panic and get seasick. Now I was calm and did not vomit even once. It must be due to qigong."

Benefits of group practice

"Somebody said there are always just nice people in our weekend courses. Is it because they become nice when they practise qigong, or that it is just because only nice people join our courses? Nowadays only little things happen to me. Now my shoulder is making cracking noises. I thought it was good already, but I guess it's not quite finished. It feels good. I think it's really nice that we have started a practice group."

Mental aid

"I do not want to be without qigong any longer. Practising has become as natural as breathing. I eagerly await each course. The autumn course was great. Nine years ago I had breast cancer. That's why I started. Training has been good. I'm still here and doing really well. My allergies and other minor ailments have disappeared. My body awareness is better and have learned to understand better what is good for me. It has meant a lot mentally."

A lot to digest

"I am retired and want something I can do yourself. The course has really been interesting. I also got my best friend tricked into coming along. We had a really cozy time. There has been so much new to learn. It takes time to digest it all."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm