Hold Qi up Norwich [2012-03-03]

Spring was slowly coming to Norwich with some few daffodils and lots of snowdrops. Inside the nice school where we have had most of our courses in Norwich the feeling was good and friendly. The beginners learned quickly lots thanks to the ones who done the course before, especially when we worked two and two the beginners could get good help.

Some comments from the participants:

Body regulation is helpful

"I already look forward to start to practice Hold Qi Up at home tomorrow. I am hoping to get more relaxed. I find that the body regulation itself is good."

"I find qigong useful and helpful. I practise quite a lot at home and feel that doing it correctly matters for me. Being in the body once a day, when I do my qigong, has a benefit. Mentally I did not know if I wanted to come to the course but my body brings me here."

Shoulder problems

"I was very unfit when I came to the course and it feels like this was a good workout. I think this might help me with my shoulder problems if I keep up the practising."

"Earlier I had a terrible pain in my shoulder and I was told I had arthritis. It has completely gone away now. I can get a kind of poetry going when I am with other people practising. Qi can be very helpful. Squatting has become easier over time."

It is a wonderful habit

"I feel that I can relax much more and that makes the movements flows much better. Qigong is a wonderful habit and it helps me to be wiser."

"I struggle a bit to do the practising. But I have a busy life so qigong is a useful tool. It is like meditation which I can go back to. I can have qigong like my best friend."

"I have done a lot of work with energy and yoga. Here I can feel things happening in the body where I have problems. I will continue to practise qigong and give up other things."

Qigong better than massage

"I have been to a lot of courses and practised everyday for quite some time. Then I missed some practises and got out of the habit. I started to notice some pains coming back that had gone whilst I did the practising. As the pain came back I started to practise again. I have had pain in the back but qigong is better than massage. I was impatient to come to the course and get back into the habit again."

Practice with her daughter

"I skype with my daughter and put on the CD so in that way we can practise together even when she lives in another country."

Good mind and body aspect

"I like the feeling of getting inspired at the course and that everyone feels so welcome and so good taken care of. At this course I noticed a flow in the movements in a way I did not before. I want to thank everybody for creating a good mind and body aspect to the course. It couldn't be better."

Good to repeat the movements

"It is so good to come back and learn it all over again. I have refreshed my practise. I have phases of being very busy so qigong is an old friend to come back to."

"After the first course two years ago I felt I could do it, but having mastered the exercise properly I became a bit bored with doing it, and went back to learning Tai Chi which takes a lot of learning. Having been encouraged to return to qigong, I realized from this course that it is a lot more subtle, that I was doing the movements in an easy way, and that it could be a lot more challenging. I also appreciated that there are unconscious benefits for the mind as well as the body if you keep doing it. I hope I keep practising and come to the Hold Qi Up 2 in May."

Back pain healed

"It is two years since I learned qigong for the first time and I come here because I would like to get back to it after it dropped away. Six weeks ago I had chronic back pain and qigong has helped the healing. I really want to make it a daily practise."

Started to sleep

"I have had a really good course. I came the first time 5 years ago. It was in a freezing hall but I loved it. My lifestyle was too busy and I knew I was killing myself. After the first course I practised every day and it was hard work. Then I started to sleep better. My body would not let me continue to overdo things. It gets better all the time and I feel fine now."

More mobile

"Daily involvement with qigong continually helps to balance the conditions I got. I take one day at a time. I feel I gain in a more internal way and I am more mobile than I used to be. There are many aspects of qigong."


Fatima Ringvall