Xiao Gongfa Turku [2012-03-05]

Turku is not only Finland's oldest city, it is also the Finnish city we have been operating in the longest. Therefore, it was natural that the Finnish premiere of the course type Xiao Gongfa was held in Turku. Xiao Gongfa, formerly known as IT-gong, is a collection of simple methods that are particularly well suited to individuals who have sedentary jobs such as working at a computer. The exercises can be done at any time, for example, when waiting for the computer to start or when you need a little break in your work.

The course attracted many participants from Turku but also from elsewhere in Finland. A whole group came all the way from Hanko to attend the course. The city of Hanko, as well as Åbo Akademi University, pay half the tuition for their employees when they attend our courses.

In the course there were many different professions represented, ranging from teachers and researchers to doctors and pilots. The atmosphere on the course was good, and several participants said the course aroused interest in what qigong can give them.

Abo Xiao gongfa 2012


Johannes Nordgaard