Hold Qi up Helsinki [2012-03-03]

Our fourth Finnish course in Helsinki was held centrally, just a stone's throw from the city's central bus station, Kamppi. The atmosphere at the course was calm and peaceful. One of the repeating participants commented that nowhere else than on qigong courses do you meet so many nice and friendly people.

The new participants were eager to learn the method from which their family and friends have been had so much good help. Several of the participants could significantly experience how powerful the method is, in that they immediately felt a distinct effect of the method. A woman, who only attended the lecture on Friday evening, said she felt that her restless mind had calmed down during the lecture. Another woman was amazed that the method can have an effect on such a short time - just a weekend.

Read more of the participants' comments below.

Gives power

"Qigong calms me and gives power."

Basic course in Helsinki 2012

Relaxed and content

"I feel good, so I was hesitant to join the course. I came with my husband, even though I was opposed to it. I became interested in the method after the lecture, although it aroused opposition. Qigong got me enthusiastic. During the course, I could notice the positive effect of qigong on the body and mind. I am very interested in the energy of qigong. Now I am more relaxed and content. I think that qigong helps with my problems. I will practise with my husband. "

No more migraines, depression, panic disorder or mouthguard

"I have had severe migraines all my life, but they have disappeared. Earlier I regularly saw my naprapath, but I do not need to see her any more. I've had a mouthguard, depression, panic disorder, but all these problems are gone. I sleep well. Life is good. "

Free from headaches and sleep better

"My first basic course was five years ago. After that I did not practise regularly. Now I practise regularly and I find that I feel better. I have no more headaches, which previously lasted for three days and I sleep better."

Calmer and happier

"I find that I am calmer and happier than before."

Relaxed and improved blood circulation

"My oldest sister practises qigong and she recommended this method to me. I have also seen her practise. I have never denied the effect of qigong and I believe that we humans were not made to just be still. I came to the course with an open mind. Today I realized for the first time that I can experience the feeling of being relaxed. I got strong sensations, as the blood began to circulate in my head and my upper body. This qigong method is fascinating, full, flowing and captivating. I can see that it has a long tradition. It was interesting to see and try out qigong. "

Course report in Finnish / Suomenkielinen kurssiraportti


Jeanette Heidenberg