Hold Qi up Salo [2012-01-21]

This spring's first Finnish course was held in Salo. Several curious people had come to our introductory lecture on Friday evening before the course. The lecture is a good and popular way to get acquainted with the method before joining a course. In our lectures you get to know more about the history and philosophy of qigong, what distinguishes Zhineng Qigong from other qigong methods and how we can improve our health by practising our main method, hold qi up. Those who had ventured out into the cold of winter to listen to the lecture were satisfied with the information they received and many decided to join a course, either immediately in Salo, or in one of our many other courses in Finland.

The course participants were also satisfied with their decision to venture out into the snowstorm to join the course. We had a nice and heartfelt course, which inspired both the beginners and the repeating students. Several expressed their gratitude for having access to a tool that helps us manage the challenges we face in our daily lives. Read more below about how participants have been helped by practising Zhineng Qigong.

Less stressed and no headache

"It's been a nice little course. It's good to take the course again and joining the weekly practice sessions. Then you get to learn new things and be in a strong qi field. I took my first course five years ago. After that I did not practise regularly. Since my first summer course in 2010 I have been practising daily. I find that I no longer have headaches, I am calmer and do not rush. I have grown as a person."

The headaches disappeared

"I thank you for everything. This course has given me a good mood. On Saturday and last night I had a headache. On Sunday, I have not taken any medication and the headaches are gone. I know qigong is a possibility. I try to bring qigong into my everyday life. I believe that qigong is good. I will continue to practise and I know it will become a routine for me."

Calmer and no winter depression

"Thank you! I took my first course in late October. I have no ailments, but I'm not stressed out anymore and my ability to withstand pressure is has improved. The beginning of this year was hard, because then my living situation was unclear. I also had a hard time with my studies. I do not think I would have managed without qigong. I am much calmer than before, and I do not have winter depression anymore. I do not need my light therapy lamp anymore. I have managed to live one day at a time. It's much nicer to practise in the group and I eagerly looked forward to the course."

Gives energy to help others

"It's been a cozy course. It's nice that there have been participants from different parts of Finland. Qigong has given me much, I sleep well, I am seldom stressed out, I am kinder and calmer than before, I take no pressure nor do I get angry, and I accept things and have faith that things will work out. Qigong gives me energy to help my relatives. I have only good things to say about qigong."

Grateful for being able to help

"Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help out in the course. Five years ago, when I joined my first course, I would never have thought I could act as an assistant on a course. I was in pretty bad shape, both physically and mentally. Qigong has helped me a lot."

Course report in Finnish / Suomenkielinen kurssiraportti


Jeanette Heidenberg