Winter course Shenxin (7 d) Karlskoga [2012-02-20]

The winter course is one of our largest courses and it has come to be very well liked by a lot of people. The course gives us a possibility to practice together intensively during a longer time in the winter and that is chance to improve our health, to be more energetic and happy.

This year more than 80 participants (many of them repeated the course) from five different countries came to practice shenxin qigong. But as one of the participant said, the training in the hall is not everything: "A qigong course is so much more than just the training in the hall". Many participants expressed how fun it was to meet old friends again and also to get to know new qigong-lovers and to make new friends.

More than 80 participants joined the winter course in Karlskoga 2012

The school

It was the first time that we arranged the winter course in Karlskoga Folkhögskola and we liked it a lot. The school is situated a couple of kilometres outside the city centre by the lake Möckeln and the calm environment suited us well. We were offered different kinds of accommodation at the school and that was much appreciated.

The school staff wanted us to feel welcome and we were well taken care of. A good cooperation with the school contributed to the good atmosphere at the course. Some locals who became curios about the training after reading about us in the paper or hearing about us on the radio also visited us at the school.

Karlskoga Folkhögskola 2012


Already during the first hour of the basic course several participants got a strong feeling of qi. Several persons mentioned that the stress they felt at work or on the way to the course just melted away immediately or within a few minutes after the course started.

At the winter course we practice quite much and this year the course was extended with a training day with xing shen zhuang, the second step in the Zhineng Qigong school. To first practice shenxin qigong for eight days and then finish with a training day with xing shen zhuang was something extra as one of the participants said. The first eight days built our strength and calm and that improved our condition to practice during the last day.

To spend nine days practicing in our strong qifield made a lot of people get good results. Several participants expressed spontaneously that the course this year was the best ever.


Our questionnaire showed the good results during the course. The best results were experienced in energy level and stress. 68 per cent and 62 per cent of the participants improved in those terms during the course. This is illustrated in the diagram below.

winter course 2012 statistics

Some of the participants comments can be found below:

Less stressed and light body

It's been a good course. When I came here I felt stressed and stiff. Now I feel that my body is light and I'm less stressed so I feel good about the course.

Straighter back and neck

It's been a fantastic course. The training felt very good. My legs are much more relaxed and I have been rid of my vulture neck. I've become much straighter in my back during this course

Could relax the waist

I also think it has been a nice course. I don't really know what to tell you about, so many things have happened. The thing that I'm thinking about right now is that my waist has become more relaxed. I have been doing movements with my waist that I didn't know I was able to do. I've become more motivated to practice by myself.

Not as depressed

The depressed feelings that I had when I came disappeared quite quickly. That felt nice. Some things are happening in my hips and lower back, that hasn't happened before but now it is starting to loosen up. It has been very nice and time passed quickly. Thanks everybody.

Improved standing and walking

I have a lump on a foot that has become much smaller, and one of my toes has twisted inwards. I'm walking in a different way and my shoes don't fit me anymore. Usually I was walking on the outside of my feet, now I will walk more on the inside.

Neck OK after traffic accident

I remembered something today. Before last year's winter course I was in a traffic accident and had a lot of pains in my neck. During the whole course it worked on my neck, I guess I had some kind of whiplash problem. After I came back home I felt better and better every day, after two weeks it was completely gone and I haven't had any pain after that. We have to remember these things, although I sometimes forget.

Practicing Shenxin Qigong during the winter course 2012 in Karlskoga

Comfortable and lost weight

This is the best course that I have attended. I have found it much easier to concentrate. I often find it difficult to focus. During this course I have remembered to concentrate again on the exercises when I noticed that I lost my focus. The exercises have been very comfortable. A lot of things have happened in the left side of my body. My shoulder, shoulder blade and ribs have relaxed. I have also reduced my weight a lot.

Improved foot

I have been practicing qigong for quite long, but never experienced so many things as I did during this course. The most interesting thing that happened for me was that my foot is starting to turn outwards. The last morning I felt good and I stood very well. It was great and I hope that I will be able to stand like that again. Like some others have been saying, this is the best course ever. It always is like that, the latest course you join is the best.

Stronger back and arms

A lot of things have happened during this course. During the last training session I could stand much better, my back is straighter. When you bent the body , I'm not really able to do that yet, I could feel that my back muscles was starting to work, before I was not able to sense them. This is the first time I was able to bend the body that much. After that exercise I was able to drink a cup of tea while standing without supporting myself, and I was able to lift up my arm to drink from the cup. That was fun! I have suffered from tinnitus but that is gone. I'm still sensitive to sounds, but I only had to use the earplugs once during one night during this course. Thanks to all of you, thanks for all the smiles and laughs.

Improved balance and thumbs

I've discovered that I have a waist. It has worked a lot there. I can squat better and my balance has improved. I've had pain in many places. I suffer from osteoarthritis in different parts of my body but without qigong I'm sure I wouldn't be able to sit down or move the way I do. After this course I can move my thumbs better and they hurt less. Being retired qigong is a friend to bring everywhere. It's very nice. And I agree that it's fun to meet everybody again. It's extra fun for me this year as I have my son and my grandson with me. It will be even more fun to practice at home now. Thanks a lot!

Younger and stronger

I've had a wonderful time. Probably you can't notice but I notice that my body has changed and become younger and stronger. When I came from the canteen I actually run up the stairs. I haven't done that in 20 years. I did it several times. It's a huge change.

Quiet and beautiful

It has been overwhelming. Yesterday at the training everything went quiet, I was warm and I could continue to practice afterwards. Then I just sat down, it was so quiet and everybody was so beautiful when they stood practicing. I also will clear my closet and stand up for myself a bit more. Qigong has made me more straightforward and calm.

Can talk again after pneumonia

A couple of weeks ago I got pneumonia but I cough less now. When I came here I couldn't talk, if I tried I just coughed, but now I can. I can do more and more each day. It feels great to be here.

Happy at last

I usually don't talk that much but now I will because great things have happened. I hope I can express what I want to say. I've attended many courses and I've had a very tough time as I haven't been able to do everything and my performance anxiety has been terrible. It takes over and makes everything difficult but somehow I've understood that it's here we practice life. During the afternoon we had off, we went to a café and I started to laugh and joke and be silly and I was so happy. On the way back, I wanted to dance, laugh and have fun. When we came back I cleaned my room, painted my toenails, read my daughters paper and I laughed all the time. I laughed during the dinner and I laughed during the evening training. I hope I didn't disturb anyone but my stomach has been bubbling with laughter all the time. And I laughed when we had buns and when I went to bed. And I've had slow tears of happiness and it has continued during the whole course. It has taken me ten years but it's been worth it. For the most important thing is to be happy.

Stress free

I couldn't attend the course last year. I couldn't this year either but I did anyway. I didn't bring any work and it didn't even take half an hour to calm down. I thought it would take longer time as it usually does. From then I've enjoyed the training. The training has been fantastic, not the least my own training in the evening. The days have been fantastic as well but they usually are. The evenings had some potential to improve. I look bright on future with a lot of happiness and confidence. I've laughed a lot. That's always good. You get so much more than just the training in the hall.

Increased trust

I struggle with motivation and trust. Can this really help me? But I got a clear answer on Thursday. During the afternoon off I had feeling of migraine. That is my big problem. I had to go to bed and I thought of not going to the training but to take medicines instead. But anyhow, I went to the training and I did the first Shenxin but my migraine got worse and worse. I asked my mother what to do, if I should lay down or what. I decided to practice for a while and then lay down. So I stood up and started to practice and then suddenly the migraine disappeared. Then I practiced for 45 minutes. That was the clear answer that I needed to hear.

No tiredness

It has been very good. During the last years I've gradually improved, both physically and mentally. Before I started to practice qigong I was constantly tired but qigong has given me more energy. Still, I've had a feeling of tiredness with its base in the back of the head. It released this Monday. It was a fantastic feeling. Thank you so much!

Practicing Shenxin Qigong during the winter course 2012 in Karlskoga

My dog calmed down

I have a dog that isn't really as calm as I would like it to be. I have consulted multiple dog trainers, but even if the dog has improved it is not as calm as I prefer. I notice it for instance when we take walks. If we meet other dogs he barks. When I came home from the winter course and hadn't met my dog for more than a week he suddenly calmed down. I was very surprised. Even when we met other dogs during our walk he was calm and quiet!

Improved eyesight and less migraine

The first thing that I noticed was that I didn't suffer from any migraine during the course. I usually have migraines now and then. When I got home I noticed that my eyesight had improved. I can for instance read using only daylight the time tables for the buses outside on the town as well as the maps above them. I can also read newspapers outside in the sunshine. I have +4 on my glasses and shouldn't even be capable of seeing the traffic signs without them. Incredible! I also feel more relaxation behind my eyes, and that is good since my migraine always starts on the right side of my head and above all behind my right eye. Several times after the course I have been able to stop migraine attacks before they really hit me by practicing dunqiang. I have left my painkillers on the shelve. This is a big thing for me as I have been a big consumer of headache medication ever since I was 6 years old. My confidence in the method has increased by a gigantic amount! Other nice effects are that a mild depression have disappeared, I have more energy in my body, feel a new strength and power in my joints, and generally feel alert and happy. And as an unexpected bonus my singing voice has improved a little! (Read Åsa's full story here)


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen