Hold Qi up Vasa [2012-02-04]

The first HQU-course this year in Vasa was done in an extremely cold weather -26 C, but inside the training premises everybody was warm and in high spirits. The older ones reported good health improvements and the beginners seemed pleased and relaxed with the training. Below some comments:

Vasa 20120205 bild 1

Remedy for migraine

"I have been practising periodically for many years and would like to improve my training at home. My migraine seems to originate from the shoulders. Now when the shoulders are loosened up the pains are gradually diminishing. My visual disorders are disappearing, my health is improved and my stomach is better."

Allergies disappeared

"Seven years ago I started practising as I had a lot of health problems. These are now nearly forgotten: symptoms of stress, allergies and life threatening anaphylactic shock. I felt better already during my first HQU-course and have continued with the training every day. I got rid of my lactose intolerance after five weeks and I am now enjoying fruits and vegetables as well. Also my headaches, migraine and menstruation related pains disappeared. Most rewarding now is the mental training, disappointments are easier to sort out. I have got wisdom and I can be more helpful for people with problems."

Elbow problem solved

"I had chronic problems with my elbow for ten years and had during that time two surgical operations. These problems have disappeared. The elbow used to be inflamed all the time. Now I can do whatever I want. I have been practising for seven years, attended four summer courses and three autumn courses. Lots of things are happening during the summer courses. Once a throbbing started behind one of my eyes. When I saw my optician to get new glasses some months later my vision had improved for both eyes (1.0 for one eye, 0.5 for the other). The optician said that the relaxation of the muscles behind my eyes probably improved my vision."

Surgical operation avoided

"I have been practising every morning since 2009 to avoid a surgical operation due to problems affecting my ischias nerv. For one year I had to use crutches for walking, but my condition has improved quite a lot and now I don't need even a stick for short walks. I was unable to walk for seven years. The training has softened my body very much and I would not like to live without Qigong any more."

Vasa 20120205 bild 2

Softer body and better mobility

"This is my third weekend course. I am practising in periods. When I'm not practising my body is rigid and stiff."


"I came to cure my stress symptoms. Yesterday I could relax and I had a good night's sleep last night."

"This weekend my body got the rest that is needed."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm