Hold Qi up Trondheim [2012-02-11]

European Zhineng Qigong Center has got a faithful group in Trondheim practising regularly at the weekly group training. At this weekend course the newcomers were eager to learn Zhineng Qigong, enjoying the correction practice by mutual progress.

Course participants' comments

Neck more supple

"I attended this weekend course because of inflammation. I was recommended to join this course. I wished that my neck would become more supple this weekend, and it came true. Hoping this improvement will continue I look forward to the weekly group training."

Rapid progress

"My grandmother had read about Zhineng Qigong and recommended me to join this course. I suffer from back problems, and I was hoping that my back, as well as the muscular tensions would be softer and better. I joined the course without any knowledge or expectations on beforehand. I am excited about the course and the progress because I have already noticed that something is happening. I will go on practising."

Shoulder pain better. Convinced by experience

"I have heard about Qigong before and I saw a note at the library about this weekend course. My shoulder and my hips have been stiff. Qi has been blocked. I did not have too great expectations for this weekend. I just wanted to get acquainted with this kind of training, get rid of my pains and become more energetic. This weekend has been exciting. The practice was different from my imagination. The movements were lighter, more powerful – strenghtening. I had a painful point in my shoulder. My shoulder is now better. I am looking forward to explore this training being allready convinced by hearing the experiences of the other practitioners. I am curious to learn, and I am decided to give this a chance – to see the long time effects."

2012-02-12 HQU Trondheim

Strong mental change

"I was wondering why I am here, repeating this course. My health state has not been forcing me to action; however this works strongly on the mental condition concerning the understanding, knowledge, wisdom etc. This time I know the Qifield better. My head and legs are being regulated. This effects me strongly. I think my tiredness at the moment does me good. I will continue practising."

Wishing the La Qi practice would never end

"Zhineng Qigong is my training form. I started practising for a preventing effect. At work everybody has gastric flu at present. I have gone clear. Today I noticed a very strong Qifield. While I was practising La Qi, I felt like being in a 'bubble' – wanting to go on and on. At the end of the practice I found myself thinking: No – do not stop! Something great has been happening.

Being able to help myself and others

"This course has got me on my feet again. Last year there have been some death and serious illness among my friends and family. Recently I fell on the ice. I was in much pain. This morning I felt fine. Zhineng Qigong is my possibility in life to take care of my health; to be able to help others. I have a strong hope that my closest family and friends can recognize my health bonus – sharing this with them."

Thinking differently

"This winter has been tough. My knee was operated in September last year. I had to lower my speed at work. Calming down is good training for me. This course has been challenging. I wanted to receive more energy to go on, and this I have obtained. The course has been relaxing. I go through mental changes, thinking differently now. I am calmer, not so easily moved emotionally. I am pleased with my changed pattern of reaction."


Ingrid Tidemann