Hold Qi up Copenhagen [2012-01-07]

This course was a bit of a fresh start for Copenhagen since we have not arranged any courses there for a while. Several persons had missed the courses and both repeating and completely new students talked about joining the evening training that we arrange every week.

Some of the participants comments can be found below.

The broken finger is OK

I live in Norway and I have been at some courses before. Right before I went to Copenhagen I received a hard blow directly on a finger. X-rays showed that the finger had broken. After the course I can move my finger very well. It feels like a very good result!

Alert and healthy

I have practised Zhineng Qigong for almost a year now. I started because I my back was aching. That does not bother me anymore. I do the things I need to do it just does not result in an aching back. I can also handle stress better now and I feel more alert and healthy when I practice.

Back problems disappeared and ear better

I have practised Zhineng Qigong for some years. About 10 years ago I found myself in a situation where I had to do a lot of office work. Slowly I began experiencing aching in my back and I often felt more tired. I decided I needed to start doing sport like basket, martial arts or something else of a suitable manly kind. Before I did that I decided to try that unusually practice form my mother did – so she could not ask why I had not shown her and her practice more interress. That was as far as I got with my thoughts of basket. It has proved unnecessary to practice anything else after I started practicing Zhineng Qigong. The aching in my back has vanished. I have found it very practical to do Zhineng Qigong. I can do the exercises anywhere and I do not need any special equipment to do it. I can also feel that something is happening in my ear. During the last summer I began experiencing pain in one ear and from time to time there would be blood in the ear when I woke up in the morning. I went to an ear doctor who told me that my inner ear had grown together and that an operation was needed to open the ear again. I went by the ear specialist later that summer and he told me to keep the appointments we had made but he also told me that my ear was not acting as normal my kind of situation. The ear had become better without an operation. During our weekend course I felt as if the strength of the spoken words from the teacher suddenly became a lot louder. Of course that was not the case but it felt like that. I have experienced the same apparent sound increase several times during practice.

Felt well

I have had/I have a lot of problems with my heart and my blood preasure, blood clot and blood pressure. It varies a lot how I feel but normaly I am able to work. During the weekend course I have felt well for a few hours and that has been great. I have also appreciated the opportunity to learn more details and improve the practice.

More qi

I am a musician. I play the organ and I lead a choir. I went to a course 3 years ago and I think that I am able to move better. When I lead the choir it feels as if I have more energy. When I have been corrected during the course I feel that I get more and better qi. It has been a wonderful course.

Interesting training and feels energy

I have not tried qigong before. I work with a computer all day long and I need to move a little more than I have. The course have been very interesting. I can feel some sort of energy work in my body. I look foreward to practise at home with the help of the CD to see what will happen.

A lot of energy and clearer head

This is my third course in Copenhagen. Every time including this one I have been very pleased. Yesterday I felt that I gained a lot more energy after a few hours. I felt more clear headed and more healthy. It is a wonderful feeling when you gain more qi and when you feel how it flows in your body. A long time ago I was diagnosed with MS and at times I have felt wery poorly. I have done some mental training but I felt the need to do something a little more physical. Yesterday when I came home from the course I felt so well that I did not go to bed until 2 o´clock in the night. Still I feel alert and well today.

Less nervous and better concentration

I went to my first course 6 years ago. I began doing qigong because i play the piano and I had a lot of tension in my body. It has become a lot better. Now I mainly practice in order to sleep better and to be relaxed an focus. It works particularly well before concerts. Before a concert I can practice to avoid being nervous and inprove my consentration.

Lots of energy

I was at a course 3 years ago and I took part in some of the weekly training. Now I am back to repeat the basic course. I had a lot more energy after yesterdays practice and I don´t normally have a lot of energy. I plan to practice every evening again.

Qigong made me well

I have been to several courses before. Both summer- and winter courses. One might thing that with so much experience it would not be necessary to repeat a beginners course however I have received very good corrections and it have given me a better practice. I used to be very sick but after I started the practice I have been able to live a better life. I believe that the qigong training is the reason that I have become well. I depend on the training to keep me that way.

Can stand better

This is my 4th Lift Upp qi 1 course. I practice a little uneven. At times I practiced 3 times a day and at other times I practice very little or not at all. When I went to my first course I had a lot of problems with my feet. I had to use special shoes with a special sole to be able to stand still and walk. During the first course I removed the sole in order to be able to stand directly on the floor. Since then I have had no need to use soles at all. I have enjoyed being at the course again. The instructions were very precise and I learned new details about the practice this time.


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen