Hold Qi up Borgå [2011-10-22]

Six years ago we had a weekend course in Borgå for the first time and ever since we have had one during autumn and one in spring. The atmosphere was good , as usual, even though we were very few participates. Our weekly group for practice has been a success this autumn with more members than ever.

Everyone did very well in practicing the movements, and took big steps forward.

From the partcipants comments

Frozen shoulder

"I´m glad I came. I have frozen shoulder but I can move my arm better now."

Calm and relaxed

"Interesting and fun. Hard to know how it will work in the long run, now I feel relaxed and calm."

"I feel so calm and relaxed."

"I´m looking for something that will calm me. I havn´t felt it hard. The movements feels good. It will be nice to train in the group."

More energy

"Jag har lärt mig mycket, också sådant som jag missuppfattat förra kursen. Jag har fått mycket mera energi av träningen, nästan för mycket för min ålder."


Anita Björkestam