Hold Qi up Helsinki [2011-11-12]

This autumn's Finnish course in Helsinki held in Reprums cozy basement, only a stone's throw from the Kamppi mall. Although this was only our third course of Finnish in Helsinki, our Finnish participants usually join the courses based on the recommendation of a friend. This was also the case this time.

The participants were positive and motivated. The atmosphere on the course was pleasant with lots of laughter. Many of the participants could tell us about their good results during the course. Below is an excerpt from participants' own comments.

Secure and confident

"Qigong has opened me up physically and mentally. It gives me security and I feel more self-confident and happier. When I go out I do not drink so much, but I can practice qigong and feel good in qi."

Helsinki 111113

Better balance

"I believe that this method develops balance. My balance has improved during the course."

Better sleep, headache disappeared

"I know that qigong is good. I sleep better and I'm calmer. My head does not hurt any longer."

Panic attacks, depression, migraine disappeared

"I also sleep better now. I have been practising regularly for about eight years. I had panic attacks when I was sleeping, chronic depression, migraines and my life was very tough. I have gotten rid of all this. A few years ago I got a diagnosis that meant I would get a frozen shoulder, but I joined a basic course and it was fine."

Pain in the hand heals

"I'm right handed and work a lot with my right hand. I have had pain in his hand, but now I feel it is about to heal."

Feels good

"I'm feel good."

"I have a good feeling now."

Course report in Finnish / Suomenkielinen kurssiraportti Suomenkielinen kurssiraportti


Jeanette Heidenberg