Autumncourse HQU (4d) Pargas [2011-12-03]

For the fourth consecutive year we arranged Autumn course in Finland. It is a 4-day training course in residential form. To participate in this course you have to have joined our Lift Qi basic course. In previous years the course has been in October. Depending on factors linked to the school where the course is held, we had to move it to the early part December. Despite the change of date we were many who had four very pleasant days together. Lots of training, even in the morning and evening, mixed with short lectures.


One evening we had "song session" with potluck and various performances of high quality together. Overall, the atmosphere was warm and good. The participants helped each other and the laughter was never far away. Many expressed appreciation for the total silence and stillness that was when we practiced.

The chart below shows the results that the participants had, according to the survey they were asked directly before and after the course. More than half experienced an improvement in depressive symptoms. More than 60% received help with their physical status and other symptoms.70% or more reported improvements in pain, sleep quality, and stress problems.

Höstkurs 2011 graf eng

Below are the first two comments from participants who were given a few days after the course. Subsequently, several statements from the completion of the course.

"Many thanks once again for the excellent course! Thought I'd write a bit about how I have it now, now that some days have passed because my situation has changed drastically. First of all, my physical status has improved dramatically. Now I have been practicing twice a day and it has been very pleasant. Today, I did for instance armtraining and then LUQ with six repeats and directly there after La Qi and Qi regulation, all in one go, and felt an incredible relief in the body. (The longer in the training I got, the wider became my friendly smile). When I compare it with the last three months, when I was very sick, it seems impossible. I had severe pain and got no relief despite training, and at times I could hardly do any work at all. The heat and protrusion as I felt the skin has completely disappeared and now the pain is otherwise almost completely gone. It has concentrated to a small string between his shoulder and ear and at times I can already be completely painless. It is so nice! But what I appreciate even more is that I have regained the joy. The whole autumn has been very heavy and full of ruminations. Now I have again found peace, I can suddenly, without any influence of external factors, just to feel happy and glad, and now I can again think of all obligations and work that is ahead of me creatively and with positive energy. no melancholy or despair remains. I can sense the mood of the course and then feel the presence of each one that was there. Gratitude shows up repeatedly in the training and it is only to continue, without pondering about it. It's breathtaking."

"I had a lot of negative thoughts under the training. I thought that qigong could not help me and that it was unnecessary that I came on the course at all. I found it hard to concentrate, did the movements of sync with the others and did La Qi with eyes open . Since my son was born I have had problems with my wrist. I could not bend my hand back in full. During the training suddenly it creaked in the wrist and I regained my mobility. even though I was thinking very negatively and trained with poor quality."

About the course

"This autumn course was the first for me and it was a very nice concept. Felt really nice. The place is so incredibly beautiful. One has been swimming in the beauty. It's good to have this course now when things are dark and harder. It's been up and down both physically and mentally for me, the one moment a lot of energy and then the next it collapses again. Thanks for the really nice course."

"Very nice course, with great silence and tranquility. The environment was good. There is something special about autumn course, you get a feel for what is happening in qi gong world in Finland. The course comes just when you need it."

"It's been quiet and safe and fine. Thanks."

"Thanks for a really nice course. It has been such a nice atmosphere so thank you all for this. The course was so timely in my healing process."

"I have no words for what I been through, but there is a strength to everything I have experienced here. It's been great to be working, hard to collect ones thoughts and thank you for coming to Finland."

Höstkurs 2011 gruppbild

"I think again that this course has been like in Genesis first day. God looks on earth and it was dark. Then he said Let there be light!"

Inner peace

"Thanks for a wonderful course. It feels good to work on. It is not finished. I have been quiet during the course. I'm working on getting a inner calm, gain control over my own body and my own life. I want to get new mental habits; do in my everyday life according to my will, trust on the good in life. It feels so good to practice and feel that our training does good for the world."

"I've had a hard autumn with pain and Lyme disease. Now I have slept the last two nights without pain. I have been worried because I could not be calm. Now I feel like I have found serenity. Now it also feels good in the body."

Helping Others

"Feels good to have received a lot of energy, a bit like a balloon, I it needed to be able to help my family."

"I have not been on courses and weekly trainings for a while. I have lived in a decrepit state and in the proximity of death. Last fall I began attending weekly training sessions. Thanks to the group who took kindly welcomed me. Here I felt a big woolly/soft ball between my hands during La Qi. Now I'm here. I am so filled that I do not know if I fit into the car. If not so, they may well open the window as I can fly instead. I feel I have the strength to move on with the hardship in life."

Chronic headache

"Thanks for a really nice course. Wonderful to withdraw from the world with you. Thanks for the great codewords, they have helped me to concentrate on the training. I have trained for nearly 6 years and my chronic headaches have almost disappeared."

Tranquil body

"This has been the best course. My feet have felt like they are top-fermented, burnt loaves. This course is all gone, it feels good. The body feels good. I have learned how to stand. I'll make it relaxed and now I have so far best results with it. Thanks, it has been nice and lovely."

Each course is the best

"Every course I have joined have felt like it was the best course, I was very pleased with the summer course."

Leaves melancholy

"I've got a lot out of the lectures, I drink with my ears, it feels like having a straw in the ears. Now I leave the melancholy."

Hardship in life

"It has been the finest autumn course so far. Since May my life have been a mess and filled with pain. After this course, I am certainly better."

Invisible ball

"I support what the others have been said before. Many thanks for a wonderful course. It's my third autumn course and this was the best of all. It felt great with corrections of my movements of the exercises. I have long struggled to find the invisible ball, perhaps there's one. Now last night I started to feel something between my hands."


Lars Hagner