Hold Qi up Ekenäs [2011-10-22]

This autumn's course in Ekenäs had participants from both near and far. Several came all the way from Hangö to join the course. The atmosphere on the course was good, and especially the participants who repeated the course expressed their joy in having found qigong and the possibility to repeat basic courses in so many places in Western Uusimaa. Besides Ekenäs, we have regular courses also in Hangö and Karis.

The new students showed a great openness, curiosity and thirst for knowledge. They asked many questions not only about the movements, but also about the philosophy of qigong and the concept of qi, which led to positive and interesting discussions.Several could immediately see a positive effect of practising. Those who have practised a little longer could also tell us about the longer-term effects of practising. Below are some quotes from the participants' own comments about the course.

Better balance, important to repeat

"Again, I confirmed that it is important to repeat the course, one forgets and makes up own things. The good atmosphere and meeting all the people are nice. My balance has improved."

Ekenäs 111022

Better back and happier

"Each course, you learn something new. I've only practised one year and I was in bad shape both physically and mentally. In the beginning I only cried. After the autumn course I felt much better. I am also much better in the back. The camaraderie and all the fun in the qigong courses do so much good."

Help with hand tremor

"I've joined several courses and lately I have practised diligently at home. My hand tremor and the shaking of my body have improved. I shake a lot less now. I think it is because of qigong."

Help with depression

"I'm really happy that I started practising qigong. All the courses in this area is a wonderful opportunity. Qigong has been very important psychologically for me. I have had problems with depression throughout my life and it has been relieved much thanks to qigong."

Relaxation and cleansing

"It was absolutely wonderful, such a relaxation and cleansing process."


"I'm a beginner, but did know a little of the qi concept. It has been very positive here. It is the most energy and well being that I want out of qigong. Right now I am very pleased. I would like to continue. "


Jeanette Heidenberg