Hold Qi up Stockholm [2011-10-29]

Zhineng Qigong is an effective qigong method. Many of the participants discovered this when they attended this autumn's second basic course in Stockholm. Great results can be achieved only after two days, even though we mainly concentrate on learning the movements and therefore don't have time to practise the whole method from the beginning to the end more than once. Zhineng Qigong is a fast way to improve your health and the quality of life.

Comments from the course:

Mental Improvements

"I have practised since 1997. A friend repeatedly told me to try so I joined a course. The biggest effect I have noticed is an improvement of the mind. I also have less migraine attacks now."


"Once I attended a drop in course here in Stockholm. I like the way in which we think in Qigong. The relaxation feels very good."

Facial Paralysis

"I think the pedagogical structure was really good. This was my second basic course. For seven years, I had a facial paralysis. After the first course I could close my right eye again!"


"I see Qigong as a toolbox. I have tried many different things but Qigong has helped me the most."

Stockholm LUQ okt 2011

Summer Course

"I started to practise six years ago. I like the summer courses because they are very rewarding. On a summer course a teacher told me that you don't live to practise Qigong, you practise Qigong to live a good life. I think a lot about Qigong in my everyday life. Qigong is like a toolbox that I use in everyday situations."


"When I was younger I wondered if there is something more to life then working, eating and sleeping. When I found Zhineng Qigong I discovered there's something more to life than that. I can now see that I can practise my whole life and learn new things all the time."


"Qigong has made me braver. It's much easier for me to do new things. I have a stronger self confidence now when I practise Qigong."


Johannes Nordgaard