Hold Qi up Karis [2011-11-19]

The weekend-course Hold Qi up in Karis had attracted many beginners. The experiences of the members after the second day with Qigong-training were about sensations of softened shoulders, relaxation, tiredness as well as a challenge and willingness to take up further training according to the comments below:


"I'm working quite a lot sitting in front of a PC. I thought that qigong would strengthen and soften my joints and muscles. I'm feeling good now. Closing the eyes is soothing. Especially some of the exercises in the fourth section were helpful for me to be able to relax. Last night I had a good sleep in the evening and I slept the whole night through as well."

La Qi and stomach pains

"I have been training regularly for almost two years now. Especially I do like La Qi. I have problems with my back, my neck and my stomach. La Qi is the most adequate exercise for my problems with the stomach. I have made progress all in all; my agility and temper have improved. Now I am willingly doing my Qigong- training every day."

More and more

"I'm determined to go on with this training. When I have finished my present education I shall study Chinese medicine. I have noticed the mentioning of Qigong in literature, but have not got any knowledge of it before. That's why I got interested. In the future I am planning to attend a summer course."

"I was also curious. I have been doing Yoga and wanted to try something else. I'm positively attracted and I'm planning to go on with this in a course in Ekenäs."

"It has been a rewarding weekend."

More flexible shoulders

"I feel that my PC-shoulders are loosened. They are not so badly stuck at this moment, that's the real outcome."

The Summer course a turning-point

"I have been doing training since 2008. For some time I did it alone at home. Later on we got a training group for which I was a contact person. This deepened my relation to zhineng qigong. The Summer course was the crucial turning-point."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm