Shenxin Qigong Stockholm [2011-11-12]

The courses in shenxin qigong usually attracts many participants and are highly appreciated. It also applies to this semester's course in Stockholm, which also attracted guests from far away. Shenxin qigong can be seen as a continuation of hold qi up and it's a good exercise for those who want to move on in the training and get a deeper understanding. Many participants experience that they got a stronger feeling of qi and they thought that it was nice and much needed to correct the movements and fill up with more qi.

Bellow follows some comments from the participant

Good course

"It has been a fantastic course even though I've only been here one day. It has been great to come here and to practice in the qi-field!"

"The course has been great as always. I've practice 3.5 years and I practice regularly. The training gets better and better."

Best thing

"This is the best thing I've ever done! I've practiced qigong for a year and I thought that it might be too early for me to practice shenxin qigong, but it has been great fun. From now on I'll practice this method but I also attend the group training on Tuesdays and Wednesdays."

Back problem

"I had a lot of problems with my back when I started several years ago. I had to go to a chiropractor to fix the back every now and then. After practicing qigong for a while the pain disappeared. Very good! The training during this weekend has been very strong."

Warm, energies

"I've practiced hold qi up every now and then. This course felt different, stronger. My body has become warm and I've felt strong energies. I got a taste for more."


"I've practiced qigong for eight years. Then I was much stiffer than I am today, even though I'm still stiff. I suffer from Bechterevs, a rheumatic disease which makes me stiff and my joints are painful but nowadays I don't need any medicines. I practice qigong, mainly shenxin qigong, and it feels good. I haven't attended a course in several years and I thought I knew the movements but I noticed that I need to be corrected and also that I got a lot more qi. I'll attend more courses in the future."


"I've got good results. For instance I've had pain in my back, hips, arms and my neck. Now it's only the pain in my neck that remains but I think it will disappear soon. For instance I practice snake arm. Mentally I've become much calmer. I can't stress up as much as I could before. I notice clearly that the body protests if I start to stress."


"It's been great to be here today. Unfortunately I could only be here one day. I feel more and more how the qi-field helps me to reach a comfortable, soft and relaxed state. It's great! The biggest experience today has been snake arm that I've been able to do in another way. Very exciting! Snake arm feels much softer."


"I've always been sensitive to strong smells, like lilac and other flowers. I got a migraine attack as soon as I was exposed to those smells. I still think that it's hard to stand those smells but I don't get migraine. I'm very pleased with that result."

Osteoarthritis, migraine

"I've practiced qigong since 2005 and shenxin qigong since 2006. It feels good to come to courses and to the qi-field to practice. The exercises feel more powerful here compared to when I practice at home alone. One thing that I liked extra much this weekend is that I, who suffer from osteoarthritis in my knees, could do the squatting completely here. I don't manage that at home, yet. I've also got rid of my eczema. Even in winter time my skin is soft and smooth! Also it seems like my migraine is gone. I usually had one or two migraine attacks per month which often lasted for 48 hours, but now I haven't had any for ten weeks! It feels like xing shen zhuang, which we were taught in the summer, helps me a lot. I practice that exercise in the morning and shenxin qigong in the evening. That makes me double my amount of training. It feels great!"

"I mainly practice hold qi up so it's been good to come here. Shenxin qigong is good for my osteoarthritis. I went unwillingly to a winter course but I left very pleased. Even though the results not always come fast, they will come. I'm very happy for this course."


"I also suffered from sinusitis that I couldn't get rid of and that lasted for up to six months. I often had penicillin but nothing helped me. The first thing that happened when I started to practice was that I got rid of my colds. That inspired me to continue to practice. I realized long time ago that I needed to practice something for the pain in my back, neck and hips. The pain made it impossible for me to suffer any kind of training. It was a chronic inflammation and the doctors thought that the only way to fix it was by an operation. But this has disappeared by qigong-training. Funny enough, qigong is the only thing that I can stand practicing. Due to my problems with pain and balance I haven't been able to practice anything else. Yesterday was very comfortable as I could practice with closed eyes and relaxation without having to think about the balance."


"I also used to catch colds a lot before but I don't anymore. And also I think I'm much nicer now than I was before. I think it's easier to live together with me now. My life is softer and I think it is for those around me as well. I start to see clearer and understand more, getting an exciting overview."

Standing posture

"I started to practice in February to get more energy after being burned out. This course has been exciting and very fun. My standing posture has changed after this course. A lot has happened in my body during this weekend."

Sleeping problem

"I attended a course in hold qi up four years ago. Then I was much stressed up, suffered from palpitations and sleeping problems. After two weeks I slept very well. So I use qigong to get a better sleep. I haven't attended a course in a long time so it was great to try something new. I will surf the qi-wave and continue to practice."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen