Hold Qi up Oslo [2011-10-29]

A gentle smile gives happiness, well being and good friends. Happiness may be like laughing together, just like children. - One of the course members was actually laughing with her friends for several hours after the 1st course day. The group energy was cheerful at the course, which was held, according to tradition at Lilleborg Skole.

Course participants' comments

More flexible body

"I have been searching for a method to protect me during extreme stress situations in my daily life. I had not yet found any method for self practice. The important thing is to have focus on one thing at a time. I have registered an increasing stiffness in my body. This morning, however, my body had become remarkably more supple. It feels good."

Walk faster

"My daughter persuaded me to attend the course. My neck is not well, which is hard to cope with. My neck and shoulder blades also ache. Yesterday I was tired. I slept well, however. Walking home yesterday I felt as if I was walking much faster than before."

Calm and relaxed

"My expectation for this course was mental relaxation. I have pain in my body. Yesterday I received much energy. I now feel calm and relaxed. My knees are 'working'. I am excited to see the continuing process."

Much energy

"I have been practising Zhineng Qigong unregularly for some years. At home I practise Wei Tuo Jin. These weekend courses do me good, calming me. I suffer from a whiplash damage, and I have problems with my neck and shoulder. Yesterday I got a lot of energy. During the Qi regulation I received much energy. I hope my troubling stomach will be better now."

2011 HQU Oslo 29. - 30.10.

Sleep less. Endure more

"I was starting with Zhineng Qigong at this year's summer course. Later I have been attending weekend courses. I like these meetings. Earlier, I was resting on the floor during the breaks. Not this time, however! This weekend I have slept less, coping more the whole day."

Happiness feeling

"My legs have bad blood circulation, however my legs have been 'working' a lot this weekend. I feel happy."

A kick of laughter / Laughing like a child

"On arriving here on Friday I was cold. Today I am warm. My blood circulation is funcioning again. This weekend my body has become more peaceful. I am less stressed now. Yesterday, after the 1st course day I had a funny experience: I met some friends. Suddenly, somehow, I got a kick of laughter. This was obviously affecting the others too. We were actually laughing for several hours. I think the Qifield was influencing us. It is incredibly delightful just being cheerful, like a child."


Ingrid Tidemann