Hold Qi up Bollnäs [2011-11-12]

The course was held at Björktjära School in the little cosy gymnastic hall. A perfect weekend to be indoors to learn and practise qigong as the weather outside wasn't the best. The group learned fast so we also had time to practise quite much. Several of those who repeated the course pointed out how good it is to repeat, partly because you always learn something new and also to be in the qifield and to be in the intellectual fellowship.

Some comments from the participants:

It gave me energy

"I did a course long time ago during a period when I was on the sick list and qigong gave me energy during that time. Now I have not practised at all for some years and the situation at work is messy so I have thought about attending a course for a long time. Now I got my daughter with me so it is wonderful to come here. I will join the group practise this Tuesday."

Happy that I came to the course

"It feels good that I came to the course. I have done therapy earlier for my problems and now I thought that I want to try qigong instead."

"I am glad that I came to the course, I always try to go to the group practising and on the weekend courses if I can. I feel good today."

Relaxation and concentration

"I have been doing qigong for many years and it has been on an off with the practising. Now it is on. In my daily life I notice that I am more relaxed and more concentrated. It has been really lovely to be here today and the time went so quickly."

Calm down in the daily life

"I did my first course this spring and then I continued to practise. The summer came and I lost the thread. Now I am back and have another go. I like the movements for my body and it is good to calm down a bit in the daily life."

Got inspiration

"I did a course about 4 years ago. During that time I was painting for an exhibition and qigong made me able to get ready with the pictures, I got lots of inspiration. My circulation also got better. After a while I lost the thread and now I want to start with qigong again. It feels very good."

Staying power in the body

"I went to my first summer course almost immediately after I started with qigong. I became like a solid pillar during the course. I was in bad shape before the course since I had operated the thyroid gland. Qigong is a friend; even if you stop practising sometime you can still jump on the train again and come back. Last year I did not feel well and I did not practise. But I then decided to go to the summer course and I got company with my friend so it went well. We use to meet sometimes to practise together since I live where there is no group training, and if we cannot meet we call and decide that we practise at the same time. My body got more staying power so I can for example carry a rucksack now that I was not able to do earlier."

Softer in the body

"This is the first course for me but I have grown up with qigong through my mother who practises. I have always been fascinated of it and it feels holy in some way. I want to train to be relaxed, to be able to find time with my self and just stand and calm down. I also need to get softer in my body."

"I have been to every weekend course since I started with qigong, and it is holy and vital for me. My back has got straighter; I am more flexible and more harmonious. My husband notices that qigong is good for me. After this course I feel harmonious, a lovely feeling."

Qigong is so much more than movements

"It is worth to practise qigong, otherwise I would not probably been here today. Qigong is not like gymnastic; it is so much more than just the movements. It cleans the mind."

More sensitive

"I am more sensitive for what is inside of the body and mind now. It tells me quicker when something is wrong, I am not becoming a victim of everything. I can control more and decide by my self. Qigong is like the floor I walk on."

A friend that started to look vital

"I have a friend that practise qigong and she started to look so vital so that motivated me to join a course. I can feel that the practise is good for me. It is nice to be in a context."


Fatima Ringvall