Hold Qi up Vasa [2011-11-05]

An article in the local newspaper attracted many people to the lecture the day before the course started. The audience seemed interested and the number of beginners to the course doubled after the lecture. On the first group training after the course almost all beginners participated. It's good to join the group training, the results should come faster then.

Some comments from the course:


"I've practised since 2006. I try to implement the thinking way of Qigong in my everyday life. I feel much better when I practise regularly. It's nice to have Qigong as a tool to still my thoughts at night."


"I believe this is good for my back, shoulders and circulation."

Summer Course

"I've attended one summer course. That's the best thing I've ever done. I've practised every day since then. I've been much more alert this autumn."

Vasa HQU November 2011

Stress Management

"It was a coincident that I joined the course. A couple of years ago I became sick listed. I'm very sensitive to stress, that's why I need a method to find my inner calm despite a stressful environment. The circulation has improved during the course."


"I want to recommend everybody to attend the autumn course. I don't have pain anymore and I don't have to take painkillers. That's a nice feeling."

Blood Pressure

"I saw the article in our newspaper. I have high blood pressure in the evenings. Yesterday evening my blood pressure was much lower then it usually is."

Life Quality

"My allergy has reduced quite much. I became much calmer after my first basic course. My life quality is much better now and I can handle situations in a better way."


Johannes Nordgaard