HQU 2 Hangö [2011-11-05]

A long awaited course in Hold qi up 2 was held for the first time in the old Butter Magazine of Valio down in the port of Hangö. The atmosphere was positive and warm in the strong qi-field and the participants noticed improvements during the weekend. Several felt that their pain has become less, one said her flu improved, another that she suddenly got help with a wisdom tooth that has been on the way out. It now seemed brighter and her gums softer. A third said she was able to bend down to her feet for the first time and the doctors are surprised that her muscles are growing, even though she can not lift her arms because of her muscle decease. Two of the participants shared with the group that their dust-and mite allergies has disappeared, one said she went to the doctor for an x-ray of her back and a vertebra which had stuck out an inch was now in normal mode.

Comments from participants:

The pain easier

"I have been low and sick throughout the fall, aches all over and the doctors have not found anything wrong with me yet. I feel a lot better now, the pain is not at all in the same way now. It has been really interesting this course. I got a new presence, new insights. It has been an uplifting course, I have been waiting to know more about qigong. I currently have a really nice feeling in the body."

Loose in the chest

"It's healthy to join the Hold qi up 2 course, one is reminded of things again. It is an exciting journey. I woke up during the night between Friday and Saturday because I did not get any air as I breathed, I just coughed, but now I feel that something has gotten more loose in the chest. I hope everything will be peeled off soon!"

Pain in the arm less

"I joined my first course now in September, this course seemed easier than the first! I have pain in my right arm, I paint with that arm. It is better, the pain is less. I have a lot of grief to go through and I think qigong helps a lot, especially this weekend."

Stage fright better, calmer, sleep better, muscle growth, has been able to bend down for the leg mov

Stage fright better, calmer, sleep better, muscle growth, has been able to bend down for the leg movements for the first time "I have had terrible stage fright before, but it is gone. I had a warmth in my body during the last practice. I have always done the movements with a lot of power, now I've realized that I do not need to use only power but I could be inside the movement in a different way. I am much calmer, sleep better. I had severe sleep problems in the past. I freeze a lot less, I also have much less writers block, I use the time better. My muscles have grown despite the fact that I can not make motions, even lift up my arms, but the muscles have grown. The doctors could not believe it. Much better between the shoulder blades now after this weekend. I also have, for the first time ever, been able to stand and do the bending of the legs without the legs folding themselves."

Flu better

"It's been a wonderful course, I have learned a lot of new things, I've improved movements. I had a really bad cough, cold and the flu last night, this morning I felt better."

Posture better, x-ray plates show vertebra normal

"My posture is better because of qigong, my family has noticed it and commented on it. I am more relaxed both in my muscles and in my mind. After the winter course, I went to a doctor and took x-rays of my back. I have had a vertebra that stuck out one and a half centimeters ... it is normal now, according to the x-rays!"

Better back, dust allergy better

"It's been a great course, many things have become clearer. My back is so much better because of qigong. It is interesting that I have a nice feeling in my body now, relaxed, even though I feel some pain. My dust allergy is much better. I do not have itchy eyes any more when I weave."

Panic disorder and depression easier, better back

"I have suffered from panic disorder which got better with medication and therapy before, but it came back when I was left alone. Qigong has helped a lot. It has given so much, I have not regretted a single course I've attended. It has helped my back. Everything is good!"

"I have back pain, but feel that I can manage with Qigong. The most exciting thing is all that is happening in my life. I was blocked during longer times and in retrospect I see that I was depressed. Felt inadequate in my job when I could not help all the children and adolescents. I have now ventured to see these things in myself. I'm in the middle of my life now, I do not know where it carries me, but everything has fallen into place, I choose the things that are good for me. Really great, wonderful to live."

Help with a wisdom tooth, can manage without allergy medicine

"There has been a strong but pleasant feeling this course. Last night I had a sore jaw and realized that it is my wisdom tooth. Today I saw the in the midst of all my tooth brighter and the gum was softer .... Perhaps I have become wiser? I can let go of old ailments, I feel secure in qigong. I've never told this before, but I can manage now without my allergy medication. I responded earlier to dust and mites."

Balanced life at work

"It's been a pleasure to join this course I've notice in my daily work that my relationship with my colleagues has improved. I'm not so irritable and tense at those who do not live up to my expectations, those who do not help and use the system. Qigong allows me to keep things at a distance, I'm over-ambitious and I have a more balanced life now."

Internal process

"I have longed throughout the fall for this course, it's finally here. I have felt angry and annoyed, I'm afraid of something, I do not know why. I have fears and a pressure in the chest that has begun to drop. Feel that I have gone through an internal process and reaction that made me realize and feel the power of qi both outside and on the inside."

"I feel wonderful during all courses. I have longed for this course. I always learn something new."

"It's been a really nice course, I've discovered things I did not know before."


Camilla Heidenberg