Hold Qi up Kalmar [2011-10-22]

The Hold Qi Up course in Kalmar attracted many participants. In total 37 people and many of them were beginners. The youngest participant was 9 years old and the oldest over retirement age. Zhineng Qigong is a training art that everybody can practise irrespective of age or physical problems. To have a strong confidence for the method is important if one want to develop faster. One way to improve the confidence is to read personal stories on our webpage. The participants on the course were encouraged to do so.

Comments from the course:

Spirit of life

"A while ago I got a serious injury. The Qigong training helped me recover. I got my spirit of life back from the training."

Repeat Course

"It always feels good to repeat a basic course."


"The training gives me a lot of energy. I can handle stress in my work and in traffic in a much better way. There are a lot of things happening in my body right now."

"This is my third course. It's a cool feeling when we are so many practising at the same time. Qigong is a way for me to handle stress and to get peace."

Burned Out

"I have participated in a number of courses. When I came to my first course I was burned out. It feels like I'm still living on the energy I got at my first course. "

Kalmar oktober 2011

Mental Help

"Qigong is a great tool to have in everyday life. It gathers my mind. The training has been a great help after my husband passed away."


"I stopped taking medicine thanks to practising Qigong. The training has really helped me. I will continue to practise in Kalmar."

Pollen Allergy

"I've been longing for the course. My pollen allergy disappeared this summer when I practised qigong, I didn't need my medicine. After my first course I thought I would give this training form a chance."

Well Organized

"Its been a fantastic course, very well organised."


"In the beginning of the course I couldn't reach my feet but suddenly something happened in my back and after that I could put my hands on my feet."


"I've been to many courses and I learn something new every time. I develop both mentally and physically from the training. My body gets softer and my mind is calmer. The course has been like a spa-weekend."

Group Practising

"I attended my first course 2004. I practised by myself for five years, I thought I could manage this on my own. But now when I started to practise in a group I can feel it's something totally different. I don't have migraines anymore, only occasionally. My shoulders are ok to."

Strong legs

"This was my first course. A while ago I got osteoarthritis and that didn't feel like me at all. My legs are heavy and stiff but now they feel stronger. I look forward to practising because I want to get rid of the problem."


"I have practised for many years and I didn't start for any particular reason. After a while I could stop taking medicine for my allergy and I didn't have any pain in my shoulders or knees. I can sleep less, I don't need more then six hours sleep. This is a very good tool. If you are worried, tired or feeling down you can practise and you will always feel better afterwards."


Johannes Nordgaard