Hold Qi up Myre [2011-10-15]

The weather in Vesterålen in Northern Norway was stormy this weekend. That did not affect the warm atmosphere inside the course room. The participants were very concentrated and eager to learn. They had a steep learning curve. After the weekend they will continue a weekly group practice. - One of the participants told us a special story about her dog.

Course participants' comments

Phantom pains reduced

"I have been ill for 5 years now. I suffer from 'phantom pains'. My aim is to get well. Yesterday, on the 1st day course, I felt pain. In spite of this I kept practising. Today my pains are reduced."

Less anxiety and depression

"For a long time I have been suffering from anxiety and depresson. Now I am back to work. I believe that Zhineng Qigong helps. Something is happening. I like being here practising together. It does me good. I would like to attend a group traning."

Something positive is happening to my back

"My aunt told me about this course. I am on my way back after an extended cancer treatment. I want to continue this training. Today, during the training my back 'cracked'. I was surprised and pleased. It will be exciting to follow the development."

Better sleep. More comfortable stomach

"I had problems falling to sleep. This night I slept well. My 'arguing' stomach har recovered much during this course. This weekend has been incredibly good and useful. Good corrections make the movements easier to perform."

Exhaustion gone

"The last year I have been ill. I have diabetes, and I have been exhausted. Now I am fine. This has been a useful weekend."

2011-10-15 HQU Myre 2

Stiff and injured shoulders more flexible

"My husband recommended me to read about Zhineng Qigong on the homepage. I was exhausted. My body was aching, and the 1st course day was very painful. My shoulders are injured and it felt like knives in my shoulders during the exercises. I found myself thinking: I must get out from here! Fortunately the next course day was much easier to cope with. Now my shoulders are flexible. I have also got more energy. I want to practise more."

Light at heart

"I had a fantastic good learning curve this weekend. I feel peace of mind and more happy. After 'La Qi' my back, which has been arguing for a while, was changed abruptly. A good sign."

My dying dog recovered by my practice

"It is nice that the course was 'easy going'. I suffer from several problems. I think I have become better now. - I would like to tell a special story: The day before the Zhineng Qigong lecture my dog got ill. It was bleeding from the anus, and vomiting. The vet x-rayed the dog, finding that the dog either had eaten a sharp object, or had a chronic inflammation. The dog got medicine and was going to be fed intravenously the next day. The vet doubted the dog would survive. That night I stood up and tied the dog on my back (it is 7 kg). Then I practised Zhineng Qigong for 2 hours – with the dog hanging on my back. - The dog recovered. Today it is very energetic and healthy."

Powerful training

"I suffer from neck and shoulder pain after an injury some years ago. I also have muscular pains. For many years I have been ignoring panins and warning signals. Now I have slowed down. The Zhineng Qigong practice has helped me a lot. The exercises are very powerful, giving me peace. Physical exercise (gym) only made my pains worse. I focus on the practice, esp. on the mental state. This course has been a good opportunity to improve my movements. Everybody on the course have learnt fast. I will continue with Zhineng Qigong. I also want to gather for group training. I recommend everybody to continue with this practice."

My hands got warm from Qi

"La Qi has a strong effect on me. During the La Qi exercise today I felt something between my hands, and my hands got warm. I want to continue this training."

Painful back and inflammed shoulder recovering

"There is a good atmosphere here. The exercises are easy to learn. I had back pains and a shoulder inflammation. Both my back and shoulder feel lighter now."

Burning sensation in my foot disappeared

"The course has been enjoyable. My foot has been aching and burning for some time. Today my foot is fine. I believe in this. I will continue practising."

Mental calmness. Softer body. Shoulder pain better

"I have been practising Zhineng Qigong for 3 years. It takes time to learn, and it is smart to attend the course again and again. My body was shortcircuited. I wanted to be clever, good etc. all the time. It is important to reduce the demands on oneself. I was much bedridden when I started practising. I could not cut cheese, bread etc. With the Zhineng Qigong practice I managed to be 40 % employed after 6 months. I see the world differently. I do not demand too much from myself any more. These are 'small movements' – doing much. This course has given me a lot of new learning about Zhineng Qigong. My head is calmer. My waist, lower back, hips and shoulders are more supple. During an exercise something exploded within my shoulder blade. Then my shoulder recovered. I recommend everyone to join for a group training."


Ingrid Tidemann