Hold Qi up Norwich [2011-10-15]

It seems like it is always beautiful weather when we have our basic course up on the hills in a school in Norwich. We where a bunch of people learning and practising Hold Qi Up during the weekend. Many of the participants where talking about how good it was to get help to correct the movements in order to improve their practising.

Some comments from the participants:

Useful to repeat the course

"It is incredible useful to do this course again, this is my second one. It is good to identify bad habits that I have started with."

"I am amazed about how much there is still that I can learn. When I got my posture corrected during the course my body seemed to click into place. I think the group training is so good."

More flexible and body feels better

"This has been a very good weekend and I got very good corrections. My body feels better than it did 20 years ago. I am more flexible and supple in the body. It is a huge difference in my whole life since I started practising qigong and it feels preventing. I love practising and if I don't do it one day I miss it. So I say to myself, just do it."

Less shoulder pain

"Nice weekend. I intended to come only one day since I repeat the course, but yesterday was so good so I wanted to come both days. I had a bit of shoulder pain when I came but today it is better. It is so good with both old ones that done the course before and beginners together in a group. I will keep on practising."

Norwich 111016_350

"I stopped practising for one week just to see what happens and that made my shoulder pain that I used to have coming back. I have a physical job so qigong makes a supplely and balance to the body."

"I come to the course to get a qi boost. Over the years since I started with qigong my general situation has got better. I have hardly any pain in my shoulders and knees anymore. I am also a bit more energetic."

"I got shoulder pain from lifting too heavy, and that has really got better, it is gone almost. I like to practise with others."

Simply wonderful

"Thank you very much, it is simply wonderful. I am looking forward to the future now."

"I love coming here to these courses, it is so good to practise together. Also to practise in our group every week is very good."

"I am very happy, it's been lovely."

"It is just really lovely to join these courses. It helps me not to worry too much about things. It is strong to practise together and I am looking forward to carrying on."

"It feels welcome here. It is beautiful, calming and energizing to do and see the movements. Joyful!"

Keep more well

"I keep more well than I would be if I had not done qigong. I am going deeper in to myself while I am practising and it is like a revolution."

"I saw how this benefited my girlfriend so that's why I came. I am sitting still at work and I don't use my muscles so I enjoyed the practise."

No more numb fingers and toes

"My fingers and toes have been numb, which did that I for example could burn myself and was not aware of it until afterwards. My fingers and toes used to be white. No that is all gone and I got the feeling back."

Can work more relaxed

"My posture clicked today when I got corrected and that got my balance better. I have a physical work and I have noticed that I can work more relaxed today."

More aware of life

"I am more aware of my life now and I can also see how I wasted qi earlier. I realise more when I get stressed and what can get me stressed so I can do something about it."


Fatima Ringvall