Hold Qi up Västerås [2011-10-15]

Half of the participants on the course in Hold Qi Up in Västerås were beginners. They got great help help from our more experienced student when we corrected the movements. A lot of people choose to repeat our courses to get the chance to be in our qi-field and to develop their wisdom and abilities.

From the participants comments:

More alert, Happier

"It was as usual a nice course. I want to recommend all the beginners to start practise immediately, don't wait. My boyfriend dragged me to my first course seven years ago. When I came to the course I had pain in one foot but after the first day the pain was gone. I´ve become more alert, happier and my vision is better from practising qigong."


"I feel comfortable and calm by practising qigong."


"Its been easier to relax on this course. It´s a nice feeling to repeat a weekend course. I had a warm and comfortable feeling around my hips."

Strengthening training

"I´m totally committed to what I´m doing and when it comes to physical training my body says no after a while. I want a training form that doesn't degenerate the body, that´s why I´m here."


Johannes Nordgaard