Hold Qi up Helsinki [2011-10-15]

Our cooperation with the Brändö gymnasium continues. A happy bunch met during the schools autumn holiday a for a basic course in Hold qi up. The atmosphere was, according to participants calm, nice and relaxed. The group enjoyed the Qi-field. Participants talked about their improvements, for example help with shoulder injuries and tinnitus. One of the participants have been able to stop taking her cortisone medications by practicing qigong and arrived at the course in order to work off her withdrawal symptoms. Another participant gave tips on practicing as soon as you get home from work. She said she is a much nicer mom and the kids notice it. She has better nerves and get a totally different quality time with the kids before they fall asleep.

The participants' comments:

Help for arms

"It's been nice to relax from my job, my mind has been here and now and not at work, it has been nice. I have problems with neck and back, I have had problems working with my arms up, but it has not been a problem here on the course! "

Shoulders, tinnitus and exercise when the kids are asleep

"I have a shoulder injury that is much better. These days I can do movements which I couldn't do at the beginning. Shorter periods my tinnitus is gone nowadays. I do qigong in the children's room when they are going to sleep, they think it's cozy and sleep well. "

Shoulder injury gone plus an unusual result

"I have been a little careless with my training, so I need a little kick to get going again. I have physically been so much better, I have a shoulder injury that is now gone. But the greatest part of qigong is probably the mental part, I am not so worried about the future, I'm calmer, have more peace. I trained just before I went on my first date and now my boyfriend is with me on the course, so that is another way one can make use of qigong. "

Improved mood and nerves

"I am a real "Duracell bunny". I give myself no time to practice qigong, but I have a tip that I'll try to start again ... to practice as soon as I get home from work, after dinner. I am a much nicer mom and the kids notice it. I have a lot more nerves and I get quality time with the kids before they fall asleep. "

Stopped taking cortisone medications

"Thank you very much for the course, it's been such a nice atmosphere here. I've trained for three years and realized how important it is with regular exercise. I have right now "withdrawal symptoms" that I'm about to work off. I have managed to stop with my cortisone medication three weeks ago. I've eaten them three to four years. "

Comfortable and relaxing course:

"It's been a very pleasant and interesting course. It's good to be aware of the body, to reflect on how it is, really useful. "

Helsingfors LUQ 111016

"It has been nice and relaxing, a bit like meditation to turn off the everyday life and all the thoughts around it. To rest. It has also been good for the body to stretch a bit. "

"It has been really nice!"

"It's been very interesting to practice in the group, I will see how it feels to be home and practice compared to in the group."

"At first it was boring, but the feeling went away quickly and the time passed since then really quickly. Qigong is targeting precisely the places where it is needed, it is safe to assume that this practice is then just right for me. Really spot on!

"It's been a quiet and lovely atmosphere here, nice to be with all the nice people here."

"This is my fifteenth basic course. I learn something new every time. I've been training for four years but never really liked qigong. I have continued to practice because I realized it was good for me, I have never questioned that qigong is great, I've just questioned myself. But now I've finally, at long last, begun to like qigong! "

"It's such a quiet atmosphere here, so nice that you can be yourself in the group. No intrusion."

"A really nice atmosphere, thanks to the group!"

"I have thought much about the course, the atmosphere here. I will really try to continue with this. "


Camilla Heidenberg