Hold Qi up Helsinki [2011-04-16]

Our basic course in April was our second Finnish course in Helsinki. The weather was beautiful outside the dance school, where we held our course and inside the practice hall the atmosphere was warm. The new students were curious and learned the movements quickly, with good support from their more experienced classmates. Many had good results already during the course. Below you'll find an excerpt from the participants' own comments.

Frozen shoulder and larger range of motion

"This is my first course. I suffer from frozen shoulder in one shoulder. I can already move it much better. "

Migraine, depression, and frozen shoulder

"I have had migraines, depression, frozen shoulder, surgery and other diagnoses, but now I'm completely healthy."

Interesting course, calmer mind

"This was my first course. It has been interesting. My body has felt good. It was easier to do the movements on the second day. I have had problems in my arm, which feels much better now. My mind felt calmer during La Qi. I will use this method daily. "

"It was nice that the exercises were relatively simple and easy to do. It was interesting. I have felt warm when we have practised. "

Inflammation healing

"I've had a muscle disease and have been in an accident. I practise every day, even when I'm in an airplane. I've had a tendonitis, which is now healing. I can stand up better. There are improvements in the body all the time. I am grateful. "

Less need for sleep

"I attended my first summer course last summer and I've been practising every day since. I have more energy in my daily life, I sleep better and I need less sleep. "


"I suffer from mental problems. This weekend felt brighter. "

Feeling calm

"Once again I am amazed at how much new I can learn. On Sunday morning I felt good and calm. Normally I hurry to much when I do Hold qi up, but now I could even have done it it slower. "

Course report in Finnish / Suomenkielinen kurssiraportti


Jeanette Heidenberg