Training course Xing Shen Zhuang Stockholm [2011-10-01]

The exercise Xing Shen Zhuang, which we taught for the first time last summer at summer course 2, is very popular. The interest in the training course in Stockholm was huge. The training hall was full of people from England, Finland, Norway as well as Sweden. In total about 70 persons attended the course. Many of them expressed their joy at meeting their classmates from last summer again.

Except that we have started to practice Xing Shen Zhuang, also our qi-field has been upgraded. Several of the participants have noticed that they got more out of the training and that they feel more energetic. That is due to the new exercise but also because our qi-field is stronger.

The participants were pleased to repeat the exercise and give as well as get corrections. They felt that they could do the exercise better after the course and also that the training during the course was very powerful.

Bellow follows some comments from the students:

More energetic and stronger

"A fun weekend! It has passed so fast. It's a new and interesting exercise. I've practiced it a lot at home and I feel that I get stronger. I've reduced my amount of sleep thanks to the exercise."

Good for the body

"The new exercise is good to use as a morning exercise. It gets the body in shape. It is important to correct the exercises. I've had problems with my fingers. They have become lumpy and it hurts when I bend them, but here at course I haven't had any pain at all."

More energetic

"I'm proud because I have done the new exercise every day since the summer course. Since I began to practice qigong, I have striven to reduce my amount of sleep as I have a very strong need for sleep. It was therefore with great pleasure that I woke up in the morning at 4:00 and I felt really fresh and rested."

Warm legs

"I'm happy for making fast progress. Things happen in my waist, back, hips and back, a lot of things. The circulation has improved. Today my leg got very warm; usually I have problems getting my legs warm. I like this exercise very much. I've got good corrections."

More energy and better relaxation

"I practice the new exercise in the morning. If I skip the training the day feels wrong. I have more energy and I'm more relaxed when I've done the training in the morning. For some period of time my hands have been sore so it has been difficult for me to sleep in the night, but the pain is completely gone now."

Good advice and corrections

"I'm very happy that I came here. I got very good corrections. It feels better to keep on practicing at home now. Since the summer course I've practiced almost daily and that has changed my training routines that I've had since the summer course. Now everything is different and it's been good to get advice on how to practice. It's great to see everybody and it's interesting with a new challenge."

Can handle things

"Just when I needed it I got the exercise that I needed. I have recently had many difficult decisions to make and I have been very, very busy. The new exercise has helped me a lot to cope with everything. I liked the exercise very much."

Increased agility

"It feels good to practice here. My body is more agile thanks to the new exercise. I notice for instance that it's easier to sit on the floor now compared to before."

Self-esteem and self-confidence

"My self-esteem and self-confidence are in another level now compared to three months ago – before summer course 2. It's fantastic!"

My son sleeps better

"Over a period of time my young son has had a poor sleep, but when I came home after the course yesterday and after I had practiced he slept very well. So my husband and I decided to train together in the morning again."

Better balance and strenght

"I've praticed Xing Shen Zhuang since the summer course. I've felt energetic but there are many things that I've done a little bit wrong. I got good corrections and help in how to do it better. My balance has improved. My right leg has always been weaker but I feel that it gets stronger and stronger."

Balance in the body

"It's been a great course and I'm so happy I could attend it. My left and right side that have been unbalanced are more in balance now. I feel that I stand better. It feels great. And all those things that aren't physical keep growing all the time."

Amount of training

"It's been great to learn the new exercise even though it has been difficult. Now I practice more at home as I practice both this movement and shenxin qigong. I've increased my amount of training and that is positive. It has been nice to meet everybody from the summer course again."

Walk better

"When I came to the summer course I was not overwhelmed by the exercise but I've practiced daily. I start to look upon it in another way and I notice changes in my ageing. I walk better for instance. At the course we had the possibility to confirm what we learned at the summer course and it's good that there's an extra day at the Winter Course."


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen