Hold Qi up Bodø [2011-09-24]

The trees were still carrying bright golden leaves on this late autumn weekend in the Northern Norway. Almost everyone joined the HQU course for the first time. Most participants experienced noticeable improvements with respect to their health and life situation.

Course participants' comments

Improved concentration

"I had a "learning" challenge. Now I am convinced that my concentration is improved and my pains are reduced. I will continue practising Zhineng Qigong."

More spontaneous

"I generally have a resistance to trying new things. Yesterday evening, after the first course day I was surprised to find myself spontaneously and lighthearted telling my children: 'Let's go to the beach!'."

More patient

"I have had problems with my arm and shoulders. Yesterday, on the first course day the situation changed. In the evening, I noticed a lightness in my shoulders. I also found myself being more patient with my husband."

Light at heart

"My aim for the course was health improvement and peace of mind. I have now experienced a clearer understanding of the "roots" of my problems. Old problems appear. Yesterday evening, on arriving home after the first course day, I felt light at heart. My ancles have earlier been "locking", and I used to be physically tired. This morning my problems were gone. I have decided to continue practising Zhineng Qigong."

Relaxed and relieved

"I have been looking forward to this course for a long time. This weekend I have regained calmness and peace of mind. My chest has been very tense. During the weekend course the skin on my chest turned red and cold. Something happens. In spite of my aching feet I feel relaxed. I will "fly" out from this course."

2011-09.25 HQU Bodø

Shoulder pain disappeared

"My expectations for this course are fulfilled. I have an inflammation in my shoulders. This night my pains disappeared. I believe I shall recover now. I notice a new lightness and peace of mind."

New learning

" I learned several new things."

Mastering stress

"I have been very tired for a long time and needed lots of sleep. I have a demanding job and small children. Last night I was out with friends till 01 o'clock, finding myself wide awake at 6 o'clock this morning. Despite so little sleep I felt calm and relaxed. I have never experienced anything like this before. I will continue working with this method for mastering stress. - Coming out in the open air, I suddenly recognized a great change in my eyesight. All contours appeared to be very clear and bright. A very good experience."

Noticeable improvements / Satisfied wife

"I did not look forward to this weekend course. I have MS and difficult to keep my balance. Besides my legs have been painful. This weekend has turned out to be fine; both physically and mentally. This is a positive experience. My wife is very pleased!"

Feeling Qi – coping with emotions

"Already during the lecture time on Friday I felt Qi for the very first time. It was fascinating. I suffer from tensions in my shoulders. During this course I became relaxed. It feels good. Sorrow, frustration and anger came to the surface. It will be easier to deal with these feelings now."

Pains disappeared. Blood pressure normal

"I suffer from a serious wein disease. I have been looking for methods to ease the pains of this disease. I was very sceptic on attending the lecture on Friday. After the first course day my pains went away. My arm has had a painful muscle for 3 – 4 years. During this course this pain also disappeared. Tonight I slept unusually well. I also measure my blood pressure regularly. Yesterday evening it was normal. That is very unusual. Something has happened during this course which I can not explain."

Feeling well

"It feels all right attending this course."

"Coming home"

"I have been looking forward to this course. I suffer from shoulder pains and cronic migraine. I am out of work. During this weekend course my shoulder has become flexible. Earlier I have tried several relaxing exercises. Now I realize that relaxation depends on peace of mind. I now feel like "coming home". It is very good."


Ingrid Tidemann