Hold Qi up Pargas [2011-09-17]

In Pargas the weekend course in Hold qi up was held in an old, beautiful and cosy folk school building. The environment contributed to the good atmosphere. The air was clear, the beach near-by and the garden green. The participants felt at home and many shared how their practise has benefitted them and given them joy. Here are some comments.

Difficult migraine improved

"I've practised for one year now. When I started I had difficult problems with a migraine. I've improved a lot. The turn for the better came after the summer course. On top of that, my back, neck and shoulders are better. It has been a good course. I've tried to concentrate on relaxation and it feels like it's the first time I succeed with that."

Back in shape

"I started practising because of my back. Thanks to Qigong I've kept in an okay shape. I practise every day."

"I've practised for several years and learned that regular practise gives the best results. It's good for my back problems that I'm able to keep manageable like this."

Pargas LUQ 110918

Smiling helps

"Qigong is an effective and good way to take care of one's health. I was about to become allergic to mobile phones, but have no problems any longer. I also almost developed tinnitus, and that was related to the phones. It scared me a lot. Then I intuitively used the gentle smile. I imagined that I was running in a dark forest, turned around and smiled. It helped. I've also noticed how much the gentle smile helps in everyday life. I smile at work. I don't have perfect health, but use no medication. I'm not often sick. My need for sleep is low and I have good energy levels. It's fun to be able to give something too. In the beginning I was like a mushroom that was absorbing qi. Now I feel more like a magnet than a mushroom. I can give and not only get in order to cope. But it takes a good energy level. I think Qigong is fantastically enjoyable."

Blood pressure stabilized

"I've practised for several years. I wanted a hobby and thought this was ideal. Now I notice it helps for many things. It helps cope with stress, it's quite messy at work, but I can be centred thanks to this. The blood pressure has stabilized. I've reduced medication and no longer have the highs. The whole body has changed. Posture has changed. Others notice it, not me. I also don't suffer from infections in the same way."

"I started to practise a few years ago because of my back. The back is now under control. I sit a lot at work, and can do that thanks to Qigong. I had a problem with blood pressure a few years ago. Now I've reduced on the medication and try to get to stopping it all together."

Healthy pastime actvity

"I've been doing Qigong for ten years. I was in pretty good shape when I started, so I have not noticed any big changes, but my family says I'm calmer. Compared to others of my age I guess I'm in good shape. I'm sure there's a lot of positive in this, and the philosophy to be good to others is good too. Now Qigong is way to fill my day. And that is a pastime activity that makes you feel good."

Better patience

"I had no sicknesses when I started to practise Qigong, only a little age related issues. Now I walk better, am softer in my body and have more patience. I've not had a cold in many years. I've felt really good. Better than six years ago when I started to practise."

Milder colds

"I stay healthier thanks to Qigong. Colds disappear easier. I also notice how the dog and cat react to the practise. They like when I practise."

Good repetition

"I took a basic course in Helsinki a few years ago. It was very good to come here again. I had forgotten a lot and wanted to refresh my memory, and I also want to improve my concentration and mood."

Good to have a CD for practising

"It was relatives who recommended this course and I had also read about Qigong. My back has started to have problems and I think this can be good. The practise CD's might help a lot to get a good start."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm