Hold Qi up Hangö [2011-09-03]

Finland's first basic course of the autumn was held in a sunny Hangö, with some happy and motivated participants. The course took place by the glittering ocean at the west harbor at a cultural monument, built as a storehouse for butter over a hundred years ago, offering beautiful panoramic views. Many of the participants had been practising for quite some while and could tell about the important roll Zhineng Qigong played in their physical and mental wellbeing. Below some comments:

Longed for Course

"This course was very welcome. I've had a stressful time with school start and renovation, and some old ailments have been returning. I've really been waiting for this course. I know from before that these courses always help in some way or the other. They do good for both body and mind. You get a kind of strength."

Important to Repeat

"I've been practising for many years. I'm quite old already and I have some ailments but mostly I feel fine. One expects to feel worse and get stiffer with an increasing age, so it's quite fun to notice that I'm really feeling better and becoming softer. This weekend I've been focusing on relaxing my shoulders. Even though I've been to many courses before, this one gave me a lot. It feels importante ro repeate."

Practising Regulary had Effects

"It's been a really intense course and I've gotten lots of corrections. Since three years I've been practising regularly every day. The regularity made a big difference. It gave me a sense of lightness, relaxation and softness in the body. At once everything got more fun."


"I've attended quite many basic courses and this year I went for the first time on the Summer Course. Therefor this basic course was quite different. The more I relax the more I can sense something working in my body. It's been very fun to be here, a rewarding course. You get a positive feeling of what qigong is."

Hangö 110904

Improved Coordination

It's now two years since I went to my first basic course and I've attended two Summer Courses. Yesterday I was very alert, I had lots of energy in the evening. The last few weeks have been tuff but I've been practising stubbornly. Usually two hours a day. Yesterday I was able to lift a full cup of tea and eat grapes with my left hand. I haven't been able to do that before. My coordination has improved. Thank you all for helping me moving my arms! Since I got ill I've been somewhat a control freak. I organize everything to the slightest detail. Now I notice how I'm starting to take things more easily, like I did before I got ill. It's been really nice to be here."

Good to Recieve Corrections

"I'm here because I was warmly recommended to participate. The course has been intense, also on a linguistic level since I'm Finnish speaking. There's been lots of stress work. I want to learn how to relax. I want to feel better, be happier and calmer. Thank you to everyone how has given me corrections. I love to be corrected!"

Better Mood

"It's been a year since I started practising. At that time I was pretty low. Practicing made me good and I was at the four day Autumn course as well as at the Shenxin course in May. It was fun. During summer I've been a bit lazy, not practising, and I can sense it starting to move downwards again, both the mood physically. It was a nice time when I participayed so frequently in everything. I think I'm going to start practising regularly again."

"I can't quit practising qigong. I get all kinds of ailments if I don't practice. I enjoy it, but still I find it difficult to do due to a restless life. I notice I'm starting to get angry more easily again. That's not the case when I practice. It's been fun to be here, very nice. And I love Hangö."

Better Sight

"Qigong has made me really good. I couldn't be without it. I don't know if it has anything to do with the Qigong, but I was recently to an eye specialist because I'm starting to lose sight. I bought new glasses only a year ago. Now they told me my sight had improved. Strange how fast that happened."

Back and Shoulders

"I started practising Qigong because of my shoulders. They've gotten a lot better and I haven't thought much about them. Now something's starting to happen there again. It is as if Qigong is fixing the ailments layer by layer, as on an onion. Now the next layer probably is about to be fixed. It's nice that so many has come to Hangö for the course."

"I came here because a Qigong practitioner was nagging at me to start because I've had breast cancer. I think I've been well. I haven't had a cold even once since I started to practice. And I've been carrying around my grandchildren without getting problems with my back. I have even gotten my husband a long. We practise together now and then. Qigong makes me feel good and I have no inetions of stopping."

"It's now one and a half year ago since I stared to practise. I've attended LUQ2 and this is my fifth basic course. I have been highly motivated. I've got back issues. On the LUQ2 course I had no problems standing, and this time I didn't even think about weather I would manage standing. There's lots of energy here. I've never felt this much before."

"I've been practising regularly for long and it makes me feel very good. My back has gotten better and I hardly notice my pollen allergy anymore. Sometimes my back isn't all that good but it doesn't handicap me. For a long time the back was associated with anxiety and fear of getting bad and me not coping with it. Now my confidence in life and myself is bigger. I've been traveling a lot the recent year. I am a lot calmer."


Margareta Willner-Rönnholm