Hold Qi up Mariehamn [2011-09-24]

Mariehamn shared generously of it's beautiful autumn weather. The sun shone beautifully through the panoramic windows of our training hall. Yet there where many people that joined the course. The atmosphere was calm and harmonic and the hours passed quick.

From the participants comments:

Fantastic method

"This is a fantastic method. It just becomes more and more interesting to practice as the years pas by."


"Was not feeling so good when I started practicing. Qigong's a tool that I will not let go. My husband notices when I have not been training, my mood is worse and how I feel worse. I get a lot of energy from train that I can use to take care of myself and my family. I think it's so nice to come here because you meet so many nice people."


"It pays to practice, I've lost my severe migraine thanks to qigong. I have a nerve problem in my face. The medication I take does not help much. During the course I have not, on the right side where I usually have pain, had pain at all, just a tingling sensation. So I very much look forward to see what has happened."


"I have problems with my joints and qigong helps me tremendously. At work, we had a course which included a test of how soft the body was and then it turned out it was me, who has rheumatism, which was the one who was the most soft. I can thank qigong for that."

Feels good

"I exercise because it feels good to practice. Thanks."

More calm

"The days when I have practiced in the morning makes the day go so smooth. Qigong has shoed me a different way to relate to other people. I'm more calm and more relaxed when dealing with others."


"I have type 1 diabetes, and I notice that I clearly need less insulin when I train and is on weekend courses."

Sleep better

"Qigong is a tool for me and I feel that days are not they the same as when I do not practice in the morning and if I practice in the evening it is muc easier for me to sleep better. Qigong makes me a better person."


Lars Hagner