Hold Qi up Trondheim [2011-09-10]

On his early fall weekend the course participants chose to practise Zhineng Qigong (ZQ) in the atrium of a large office - instead of tempting outdoor activities. Most of the participants have practised ZQ for several years.

Course participants' comments

Approving changes

"Things are happening; also in a challenging way. I look positively on this development."

Improved memory. More energy to be calm

"I have been practising Zhineng Qigong regularly. During this course many details have fallen into place. I have been more relaxed and concentrated than before. I also profit more from the practice now. I am an energetic person. Now I have got more ability to be calm. The energy is being used where it should be. My memory has improved very much. My colleagues at work come to me asking for information claiming that I remember everything. My ZQ practice gives me a good prevention against illness."

Well being

"This weekend course has done me good. Something is happening in my body. I feel well."

I see "wholeness"

"This weekend I have experienced improvements on all levels. The training has settled more. I now experience the practice differently; a "wholeness": The circle has been completed. I am happier and I focus on important things in my everyday life."

HQU Trondheim 100911

In harmony

"This has been my third weekend course. The effect has been enormous. I am strongly energized and feel many positive processes. During this course I fell asleep several times. I am now more relaxed than before the course. My pains seem to be disappearing."

Persisting pain disappeared

"A persisting pain from my shoulder through my arm had become worse this spring. Today the pain disappeared. My knee, which was injured when I was 14, had a surgery just a few days ago. Every day I notice my knee getting better."

A strong feeling of Qi

"This is the 7th year of my Qigong practice. I am pleased to be participating in Trondheim. This course has given me a strong feeling of Qi. Something is happening in my feet. I now feel happier, more energized and coping better."


Ingrid Tidemann