Hold Qi up Stockholm [2011-09-17]

With a wonderful autumn weather outside the window the first basic course in Stockholm this semester took place. To attend a course in the beginning of the semester is a great chance to fill up with qi before the dark months of the year. Many, both beginners and more advanced students, took the chance to practice together in the qi-field.

That many students chose to repeat the course is a great help for the beginners. It's a possibility to get help improve the quality of movements – and then get a chance to get better results. It's also inspiring to hear what experiences and improvements others have made after some training. Many people told how the training changed their lives and how Zhineng Qigong is a friend who is always there.

Bellow follows some comments from the students

Facial paralysis

"I'm new and I've tried many different things. I suffer from a chronic intestinal disease. I've been sick for many years. I've done meditation every day and that has helped me but I wanted to try qigong. I have a facial paralysis since many years and I attend treatments every week. Yesterday evening I could close my mouth and eye in a way I haven't been able to in seven years. I didn't think that it would be possible. "

Neck, back

"I've had a lot of problems with my back and neck but not anymore. Keep on practice and everything will be fine. I've had a lot of pain but not anymore. My charisma has changed as I'm not in pain anymore. Not being in pain makes you happier."

Interesting training

"Good luck everybody! Keep on practice and the training will be interesting in many ways. I understand better how body and mind are connected."

Calmer, friend

"I've practiced for many years. When I had practiced for a month I felt that I wanted to learn something more. I thought I knew qigong but the more I practice the better I understand how much I still have to learn. The training is like washing the inside. I've become much calmer. Qigong is a friend that you can bring everywhere."

Life bouy, rheumatism

"I suffer from rheumatism and I started with qigong as I thought it was some kind of soft movements. But qigong is so much more. Mentally qigong has turned into my life bouy, something to hold on to. If I wake up in the night with pain I can practice instead of taking pain killer. I can handle that my body doesn't work as well as it should. The mind is more important. Qigong is a base. I'm very grateful. "

More integrated

"I suffer from sciatica and anxiety but now I feel more integrated both body and mind. "

Incredibly results

"I've practiced some years and it's hard to put into words how good qigong is, both physically and mentally. The results are great! Congratulate to all the beginners for having found the method. The training is incredibly good. "

Happier, new friends

" I started thanks to the project with breast cancer organization. I was stiff and depressed but I continued to practice and I've got good results. I'm getting older and older but still the body is getting softer. I'm happier, more open and I've got new friends. My son also practices and he has got rid of his back problems. After the summer course I was very soft in my body and I still am. I also sleep better. I'm so happy for having found the method. It's one of the best things that have every happened to me. "

Repeat the course

"I can strongly recommend you to repeat the course. The second course will be completely different. You will learn a lot of new thing, more details which make you getting better results from the training. "


"I'm new here. I read about it and I got curious. I happy for being here and I hope I will get more energy. I feel calm. "


"I've practiced for several years and I like it as I come back. I like qigong. I can be restless but still I come here. It's good being in the qi-field. "

Burned out

"A year and a half ago I was burned out. This summer I attended the summer course and after the course I was so much better. Probably it would have taken me 6-9 months to get that well. Before the course I could sleep for 16 hours but during the course I slept 6 hours and it worked very well. I've become much calmer and I sleep better. It's meditation and at the same time it's good for the body. "


"It's great to come here and get energy. I can strongly recommend the training. It's good for both body and mind."

"I work as a musician but I don't have enough energy. I hope I will get more energy with the training. I also have problems with cramps in my muscles and I hope it will get better. The course has been fantastic good. "

Energetic and happy

" I'm a beginner and I've wanted to try qigong for a long time. My hips and knees are unbalanced and I've tried many different treatments. I hope qigong will help. I slept well this night and I woke up energetic and happy."


"I work as a musician and I have problems with my neck and I'm stiff. I think this will help. I'm getting warm and it bubbles in my body. "

Good course

"This course has been very good. It's good with so many experienced qigong-lovers here. It's a lift to get help correcting the movements. "


Lars Hagner