Shenxin Qigong Turku [2011-05-21]

The Spring sun smiled over Åbo when a course in Shenxin qigong was held in Katedralskolan close to the beautiful Aura river. It was the largest course in Shenxin held in Finland so far, a lot of people travelled from near and far to join the weekend course. A lot of the participants commented on the wonderful atmosphere and wonderful results could also quickly be seen. One participant could sleep laying down for the first time after she got an acute slipped disc in her neck. She slept sitting up before the course. An other participant had suffered from a high pulse the whole Springtime, and it dropped in a remarkable rate during the weekend. Two participants commented on that they do not suffer any more from motion sickness and numerous peoples' pain disappeared, they slept better and felt more alert and clear. The participants commented especially on that they had gained insights through the practice of the heart and body in the strong Qi-field of the course.

Comments from the participants:

General comments about Shenxin and the course:

"I notice that the training gives me a good start of the day and a good flow. The day becomes more balanced, though disasters that may strike during the day. Sometimes it is hard to put a lid on your thoughts during the practice, but it has been easier here at the course. It it a good Qi-fiels, mood, atmosphere. A wonderful and creative atmosphere for learning."

"It has been a wonderful feeling on the course, thank you everyone!"

"This is my first course in Shenxin qigong and I am very pleased with it! Really pleased, thank you!"

"Thank you for a nice course! I noticed to much that I needed to correct. Thank you."

"This is my first course in Shenxin. It is a really wonderful complement to Hold qi up! I will definitely continue and I will join the group trainings on Thursdays!"

Åbo SXQ 110522 B

"I belong to the category who finds it hard to practice alone at home. I therefore appreciate the repetitions that the courses offer. Thank you, it has been nice and wonderful that we have been so many people here."

"This has been a nice course. It has gone quickly as always. I thought that "ormarm" was very hard before, but now I train it in the morning if I have too little time to practice anything else."

"I've enjoyed Shenxin best lately, so I practice that mostly now. It is a powerful and nice method, it really is worth to practice."

"It has been nice to get so much help during this course. Shenxin is a good variation to Hold qi up."

"I really like Shenxin qigong! I have slept so much lately, I am happy that I nevertheless joined this course. I feel really great now!"

"This is my first course in Shenxin. It has been really exciting. I appreciate mostly the hand movements, they are great for my stiff wrists."

"I practice Shenxin from time to time. I feel it alerts me. I have gotten help now with my movements, which is nice because I felt unsure about a lot of things. "Ormarm" was hard to understand in the earlier courses but now I get it."

"I am inspired to do Shenxin at home, it is so nice! Thank you for the course!"

Pain disappeared, tonsils smaller, throat better

"Thank you for a good course! I have had a lot of pain in my back and neck lately and now at least I am in no pain, it feels nice! I have been to a couple of courses the last weeks and I noticed now just last week that my tonsils had gotten smaller. I didn't recognize my throat when I opened my mouth! It has been great this course all that we have talked about how Qigong can be used in every day life. I also would like to mention that I think I have a specific feeling now how Shenxin works like a step before level 2 of Zhineng Qigong."

Pain of acute herniated disc better, better sleep, pain easier

"I have slept tonight! I got a herniated disc in my neck four weeks ago. The only thing that has helped against the pain is to practice. I could lie down flat on my back when I slept last night. I had to sleep sitting up before the course!"

"I have joined a couple of Shenxin courses, my wife forces me to practice, so I am more of a leisure practitioner. The courses are always nice. I become softer and I sleep well if I practice. I have had pain in my lower back some time, but it feels so much softer now."

Åbo SXQ 110522

Help against motion sickness

"I usually become very sick when I travel, but I could read a book with a really small text once after a Qigong course. It didn't linger, but at least I noticed that I was in balance after a course. I notice a difference how I feel after this course compared to Hold qi up. It usually calms me down, but this method seems to go deeper in my body."

"I was in Helsinki yesterday, I noticed an improvement. I took a bus home and I usually become very sick, but I decided not to take any medicines. I took out some tests that needed correction and tried to see if I could do any work on the bus. And without me noticing, I had corrected them all. Then I found a news paper and I could read that without getting any motion sickness!"

Strong and happy, hay fever gone

"A lovely course! So much fun that we were so many. It was great to see so many old friends. I saw a lot of flowers through the window of the car when we drove here yesterday and I was reminded that I don't have any hay fever any more. It usually was horrible when the pollen got into the air conditioning of the car. I was without symptoms now!"

Softer, more flexible and better to stand

"I have become more softer and more flexible because of qigong and I feel that I have more control over my movements in every day life. When other people have a hard time to stand for a long time during different functions, I have no problems."

Lower pulse

"This is my first course in Shenxin Qigong. I am very pleased with it. It feels great to get a something more than Hold qi up. I have had a high pulse the whole Springtime, but yesterday it was 20 measures lower."

Urinary tract infection gone after a course in Shenxin

"This is my second course in Shenxin qigong, my first was three years ago. I really liked Shenxin from the beginning. I got such a strong reaction during the first course that I know how powerful this method is. I have suffered from a urinary tract infection for a long time. I felt it the first day, but I was completely healed the second day."

Muscles are growing back, better balance

"I like to practice Shenxin even though I have mostly practiced Hold qi up lately. It happens a lot in my body. My muscles are growing back. I suffer from a muscular dystrophy and had a severe accident. I have now with me an old photo from ten years ago, you can see how thin my arms are. Now they are double their size. I have a better balance now, I can already lift my left arm better. I can stand up, put my arm on my ear and still keep my balance. I feel that something is opening up in the legs also, and between my shoulder blades. I like to practice Shenxin in the morning, Hold qi up in the evening."

Training of the hears, insights, more alert

"This is my third course. There are a lot to correct since it was a couple of years ago since the last course. I was desperately tired yesterday, but now I am alert. Thank you for a great course."

"We talked yesterday about Shenxin and how it practices the hears and I noticed today that it really does. I feel it is exciting to walk down the road that I am walking and know myself more and more all the time!"

"A lot of things has cleared inside my mind. I have found solutions and become more at ease. I slept really well last night and today I've felt great. The method is different in an interesting way. I really like all the small movements. It has been a nice to join a course again, it has given me a lot of energy. The atmosphere has been so heartily."

"I started practicing last autumn. I was so tired when I came here yesterday, I really dragged myself here. I am much more clear today. I notice that if I am lazy at home I don't feel so well. As long as the girls drag me to courses, I will join and I will try my best to practice at home."

A gentle smile affects the inside

"Thank you for a lovely course. I wasn't really naturally smiling yesterday and I tried to just physically put a smile on my face and see how it affected me. I did it today and it worked!"


Camilla Heidenberg