Summer Course Two Nossebro [2011-07-06]

This edition of summer course two was a special course. It was the first time we taught Xing Shen Zhuang. A little more than 140 persons joined the course and had great expectations on the new exercise both before and during the course. Their expectations were met. Many persons talked about their strong feeling of Qi, that Qi went deeper and the new results that followed after these experiences. Several of the participants spontaneously mentioned that they were pleased to have practiced Shenxin Qigong prior to this course as it had given them a good base to practice Xing Shen Zhuang. Some persons that had not practiced a lot were surprised that they were able to practice the exercise without any big problems.

Xing Shen Zhuang in front of the small river Nossan

Xing Shen Zhuang is a little harder training and the most important exercise within the second step of Zhineng Qigong. Our experienced teacher and the qifield that we have built up during almost 20 years enable us to practice well and get better results from the exercise.

As usual there was a caring atmosphere during the course. Our more experienced participants helped out in several ways and contributed to everybody's good mood by making things run smoothly and showing us their gentle smiles. The nice summer feeling was strong since the surroundings have a lot of green vegetation and the small river Nossan floats peacefully through the area.

The questionnaire that the participants answered showed that nine days were sufficient to improve their concentration (58% of the participants), reduce their stress (60%) and increase their energy level (67%). The diagram below illustrates this.

58% improved concentration, 60% reduced stress and 67% increased their energy level during the cours

A selection of the participants' comments can be found below.

Straighter and taller

"I really liked this course and the opportunity to learn something new. Even though it is a little difficult to do I like it very much and it is nice to practice. I have got a lot of good results. I have bad skin allergies and have been hospitalized several times for this condition. I have been on medication for twenty years, but now I don't need any more medication. I don't have any milk allergies, and during this course I was able to stand straight on both my legs. I have felt that one leg is longer than the other after an accident where I hurt my tailbone badly. I have not been able to stand stable. But it is much better now. The second day at one La Qi it started to move in the tailbone and something happened. It is really good. I think that I'm straighter and maybe taller too."

Joyful anticipation and greater calm

"This has been a really wonderful course. It has been a calm course with a joyful anticipation since we have learned new things. You are really curious what will happen next. I also feel that I have become much calmer during the last couple of years. I can't change people, there is no point in getting agitated, I can only change my own attitude. I have realized more concretely how I should do that. Not only theoretically, it has helped me a lot. It feels really wonderful to be here again."

Fun walking and running again

"So many things have happened to me that I don't know what to talk about. I can start by saying that during the last Summer course I got the feeling back in my right foot so during this past year I've felt that I have two feet when I walk. I have MS and it is located in the right side of my body. I feel straightened now, I feel no difference between my legs. They feel equally strong. I just flew the whole day, like on a high. I've felt on a high on and off during these last 9 days, it's so much fun walking... and running. I've tried that again. I hope I can play soccer again."

No migraines and lubricated joints

"I have migraines depending on how I sleep. When I arrived at course one I got migraines for a couple of nights but after that it's totally gone, I haven't had migraines or head aces even though I have slept very little. It would never work at home. Last week I felt that a veil lifted from my eyes and the days that followed that feeling got stronger and I felt that my eyes stabilized. I feel that my back is better, my shoulders and my neck. It feels like all my joints are lubricated, it is easy to move. I have power in my legs and arms, new energy."

The small river Nossan

Good concentration

"It's been a good course and it's fun to learn something new. The time has passed fast. It's hard to think about something else when we practice the new exercise. You really need to concentrate. My arms are more agile, not as stiff as before."

No social anxiety

"I've been happy and social for the first time. It's been fun meeting people. I haven't thought that before. I've suffered from social anxiety, quite severe. But now I enjoy having coffee, talking and hugging. Thanks for that."

Lighter and more relaxed

"This is my first course and I feel good. It feels like I've lost 50 kg. I feel very agile and relaxed. Thanks for a great course."

Improved kidney function

"My urine that used to be very muddy with precipitations has now become clear. The first morning at home after the course I noticed this since I had peed in a plastic bottle during the night. The urine that is usually muddy was clear with a golden color. I have now even checked it during daytime, and the result is the same. About 15 years ago I was poisoned by mercury from my amalgam fillings. Even though I didn't have a lot of fillings I was exposed to about 10 times too much mercury per day since my saliva was very acid and dissolved the fillings. My kidneys were in bad shape; I went to the toilet around 15 times per night, many times during the day and felt pain in my kidneys. My fillings were removed and I was treated in an attempt to remove the mercury. During the last four years I have reduced the frequency of my toilet visits but my urine has still been muddy, the kidneys haven't worked well. During the course I slept most nights without using the toilet at all. I have a feeling that this is a very good sign."

More energy in spite of less sleep

"It's fun to learn new exercises. It's the first time it's taught in Sweden and I like that. To be better able to join this course motivated me to attend the Winter course, and I don't regret that. It has made me stronger during the spring and been good in many ways. I talked to my wife the other day and she asked if I was tired or energetic. I said that I felt very energetic and that I had slept about 4,5 hours that night. It's kind of magic. It would never have worked at home."

More than 140 persons attended the course

Important insight

"It's important to remember good memories and forget the bad ones. That's my most important insight. Tensions in my neck and shoulders have released. My body feels good. I was very tired when I came here. I feel more energetic now. It's been a fantastic course."

Good effect from Xing Shen Zhuang

"I think this new method was very exciting. Yesterday after the regular practice, I did some of that and when I went to bed yesterday I could feel my calf and up along my leg. So it seems to have a good effect on me."


"During specifically this course I feel that I have calmed down. Before when we did the long La Qi, I felt like "oh, isn't it over soon." But I haven't felt that this time, I have rather felt "oh, is it already over." So I've felt really good."

Happier by the training

"I'm very grateful for having been here and learning this new method, because I was a bit scared and thought "this is probably too difficult for me." But I'm completely impressed that it went so well, that I can really do these movements. After practicing this new method I get happier and more open."

Circulation to the head

"I have a feeling that this course is made for me, I have such problems with my neck due to an injury. Opening up here has been, well, I can't describe how good it feels to feel a bit of freedom. I guess my blood circulation reaches my head."

Skipped the support stockings

"For a long time I have had leg ulcers. A few days ago I could get rid of my surgical stockings. I have been without my surgical stockings and I feel so good in every way."

Muscles starts to work again

"I have a muscular disease and I have also had an accident where I hit the back of my head. Yesterday after Qi regulation I took a walk with Maria. We left my cane by my chair and then I realised that for the first time the muscles in my back are starting to work. I have used only my abdominal muscles to stay upright. This has made my back swayed, because it is my weakest spot. So I felt wonderful when I could feel everything from the muscles in my buttocks and all the way up my back. During these last days I have been able to do something new each time we practise. It's fun to notice. I think it's partly due to me letting go of the perception that I am in a certain way. I have been more open to just being able to do things and noticing that, wow, I can do it."

No headaches

"At home I have headaches every day. But since I came here I haven't had one single headache. I'm so very grateful for that."

Finger joints work again

"There is one little tiny thing that I'm really thrilled about. It may not seem like a lot but this little joint in my little finger, both sides I'm getting arthritis. I haven't been able to move them for about two years. And I can now move that joint. It clicks and makes noises. I play the bagpipes, and I need those fingers to play well. For about a year and a half I have not liked the sound I make. It has been a tremendous course for me. I can feel a huge difference, so thank you."

Body works well again

"I had home help services before I came here. They shop for me, they wash my dishes three times a week, they do laundry and cleaning. I have not had the energy to do any of that. Yesterday I did 100 dunqiang in the evening. I tried swimming in the pool on the day we had a break. I managed to swim one full length of butterfly stroke. I don't know if you know what it is, but it is very tough. I don't think I have ever been able to do that. I got to about half of the pool easily and then I just decided that I'm going to make it. Just deciding something and then doing it I is a feeling I haven't had for as long as I have been ill."

Mental improvements

"I have experienced many mental improvements. I feel more peaceful and realize that I do not have to worry so much. Now I am more conscious of the fact that I have negative patterns of thinking, that I am very tough on myself and that I have a hard time loving myself. I tend to think I am not good in doing certain things even though I actually have the capacity. The course has made me happier and I feel healthy now. It feels as if I am ready to manage life in a different way than before."

Improved tailbone

"My tailbone that I hurt in a bike accident 15 years ago is straighter now and not as tense a before."

Improved vision and no pain

"My vision got stabile in a new and better state during the second course. It got even a little better. Both the far and short sight got better. My back is completely free from pain right now. I have not had any migraine or head ache at all."

Improved back and left side

"I came here with lumbago, but I cannot feel any of that now. My whole left side has become stronger and a lot of things have happened in my waist."


Su Dongyue