Summer Course One Nossebro [2011-06-27]

The Summer Course is our most popular course and many people look forward to it the whole year. The pleasant atmosphere, with all the happy smiles and laughter, is one of the reasons many people come back year after year. A lot of people help in different ways, wipe tables, correct the movements, make food, clean or help with other things that need to be done and that create a warm and loving atmosphere. Helping other people get a chance to practise and to improve their health, is good and important part of Qigong training. During the course we've heard a lot about the importance of having a good heart and doing good things for other people.

During the 16 years we have arranged our Summer Course, the Qi field has grown stronger and stronger. That is a result from everybody's effort, and especially the teacher's ability and capacity, gung fu. The Qi field is the most important feature of the Zhineng Qigong school and its quality is practically the determining factor for the possibility to get a better health.

The course is getting more and more popular. This year we were over 190 participants from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, England, Scotland and Germany. Many of them tell that their have deepened their understanding, that they feel love for both to the method and to the Qi field and that they love to practise in the Qi field.

Gruppbild 2011 Steg 1

For the third year we were in Nossebro school. Nossebro is a small and cosy village outside Skara in Västergötland. The school has nice halls and is beautifully situated close to the river Nossan, which attracts many swimmers. This year we had more kids than usually practising in the training hall. They liked the course very much and felt at home, the parents told us. The whole family should come next year, suggested one of the kids, who had been at the course together with her mother.

In a way the course this year was new to all of us. Previous years we have arranged Level 1 and Level 2, each course nine days. This year we had combined the courses to Step 1. It was very appreciated. Below follow comments about the course.

About the course, Qi field and athmosphere

"I think that everybody here is so wonderful and nice and social.

"A fantastic Qi field! You want to be in it all the time."

"I'm very grateful to all the people who have supported us when it's been hard. Their experience and understanding is invaluable. I have great faith in the future. Thanks!"

"Thanks for a fantastic course. I'm so pleased and I've been able to listen with concentration to Dongyue Su, which has been very valuable."

Training during summer course one 2011

"Thanks to our teacher Dongyue who has enormous patience! Thanks for the knowledge! Thanks to everybody who has helped organising and supporting! Thanks for all the good food!"

"Thanks for a well structured course! I'm very happy and grateful that I now got a tool in the form of physical exercise that can improve my health. Also the lectures have given me a lot. I have many good thoughts on how to improve my way of thinking."

"I'm so grateful that I got to experience all this! Thanks a lot!!!"

"I'm to grateful for the warm atmosphere. It helps a lot. All Qigong friends and teachers with patience."

sommarkurs 2011

Wrist, sleep

"I hit the wall 15 months ago. I've been in very bad shape. After five months I was in such bad shape that just swinging my arms back and forth four times set my pulse racing. I have improved somewhat, but I still need to be careful. I've slept about 12 hours each night lately. Before that I needed 16 hours of sleep. When I came here I was so exhausted from packing that I needed 15 hours of sleep for four days. I was a bit nervous about the trip here. And when I heard about the course schedule I was terrified. I was scared, because my problems are a result of me pushing myself too far. If I'm told to paddle my kayak for 10 miles, I will do it. I have worked very hard to learn to trust my intuition. I've tried to take it easy. This made me really scared because I had heard that there would be people trying to encourage us all the time.

That's how bad I was when I came here. But since then I have had amazing amounts of energy. I have slept 5-7 hours a night and almost nothing during the days. It's amazing to have that life back again.

I have had an inflammation in my wrist for two years and I had to wear a wrist support. On the fourth day I had a reaction. My wrist was pulsating with heat and hurt very much after the Qi regulation. The day after I noticed that I forgot to wear my wrist support to lunch without even realising. And I have not needed it since. Two years of inflammation – gone in four days! Maybe 10% of it is still left, but still!

It's been great that everybody understands what it is like to be unwell. Nobody thinks it's strange if I don't remember things or if I'm tired. And all the friendly smiles. The amount of energy you have given me is amazing. I have never had so many people smile at me. And I know all of you feel really bad some days. But still you smile

I felt really ill when I came to the course. Now I don't feel ill at all. I might feel a bit out of shape, but not ill. I would love to stay here for two months as they did in China."


"I suffer from diabetes. I've noticed that my blood counts are more stable and lower. I've had to lower my dose but my mother didn't believe me."

Migraine, eye-sight, back

"I am so incredibly happy that I came here. I have suffered from severe migraines. For some years now it has been so severe that I have not been able to exert myself physically at all. My migraine has been dependent on me sleeping for exactly nine hours each night. During this course I have only slept for 5-6 hours per night and I have not felt my migraines at all during the day. That would never had worked before. For me this is a miracle.

My eye-sight is much better. I could not see the code lock on the door to the dressing rooms before. I had to use my glasses to see. But now I realize I can see the numbers. Clearly there has been an improvement.

My back is much softer. I feel much better than before. This is probably the best thing I have ever done."

Meaning with life

"Qigong gave my life a meaning. I think this is the best place to be in the world. I've always had to keep my mouth opened to be able to breath properly. But something happened in my nose and now I can breath through the nose. I've practice finger training a lot and the blood circulation has improved. The pain in my joints is gone. I have regained faith in humanity. It's great to feel the kindness."

Scoliosis, muscle disease, Toenail

"This is my second summer course and a lot has happened. The Sunday before I came here I was going to paint my toenails. One of my toenails has a yeast infection from a journey to India. The doctors have told me that the nail needs to be pulled away and that I would need strong medicines for three months. I've been able to put a scissor under the nail. It has been completely loose. But when I was about to paint the nail it turned out that the nail was stuck.

A lot has happened to my body. I have a muscle disease and I've been in a tram accident. Then I also have scoliosis. But the other day my spine got straight. I don't suffer from scoliosis anymore.

It has worked a lot on my shoulder blades and in my chest. Now it's easier to breath and to relax. The control in my hands is better. I usually eat by putting my elbows down on the table but yesterday I could put the fork in my mouth with my left hand.

My standing position is better. Last year I stood with my legs outward but this year I can keep my right foot forward. I also have less lordosis.

Since the Winter course I haven't had problems with headache or cramps in my muscles, which I've had regularly, like migraine. Yesterday I woke up with a severe headache. Anyway I tried to think that I did the movements perfectly and something really big happened. In the evening when I did Dun Qiang I could grab better with my muscles. Over the year I've got more muscles. My physiotherapist thinks that I should move to Stockholm to be closer to Dong-Yue Su as I make such progress.

Many people with my disease need a wheel chair before they are 30 years old. During this course I have not worried about the disease or other things that have happened. I'm ready to get completely healthy and I think it's important to be ready to leave the past behind."


"I have been very ill. 2002 I had an inflammation in my neural system and they were fairly certain that I had primary progressive MS, they gave up and said there is not much they can do. I attended a weekend course and that was the turning point for me. Instead of the declining slope I had seen for 18 months, I started to feel my body responding and something was returning. Some months later I visited a doctor for rehabilitation and there I said I want to be cured. He laughed and said "it's good to be ambitions, but maybe you should have more realistic goals." I was barely walking with the support of a rollator, I had no motor activities, my entire right side just didn't work. Now this spring I visited a doctor for rehabilitation again. It was not the same doctor as before. He then thought there was no reason for me to visit again. "We're letting you go" he said, and then I guess I have to realize that I am well. It would be good to meet the doctor that laughed at my vision of being well. That vision does not even live up to how good I feel today. I'm very grateful for being here today. To my first Summer Course, I brought my rollator, but I threw it out after the first nine days. My daughter Fanny was only 18 months then, and that was the first time I could carry her in my arms.

This is the first time I'm here with Fanny and it has been so much fun. Fanny has really enjoyed it. She has run around with the other girls in the evenings, exuberant with joy."

"I was diagnosed with MS 20 years ago. For the last few years I have hade some problems with my feet and legs. In the last Summer Course they improved significantly.

As you all know, we had a long and cold winter. It did not really agree with me. My legs and feet grew very stiff and wobbly and I had problems with my mobility. My entire lower body from my waist to my toes was tense. This problem has only grown worse over the last six months. When I came here I was quite stiff. My ambition for this course was to improve my legs. I could not stand it any more.

Yesterday after we had cleaned out our room, I walked down the stairs to stow some things in my car. I wondered "what is this!?" I was walking in the middle of the stairs. I have not been able to do that for many years. I always had to make sure I used the hand-rail to support my balance. That was quite an amazing thing for me. The reason why this improved so much, I think, is because this is the first time I have learned to relax my waist, thanks to the new addition – Dun Chiang. I am very grateful for that. If my waist relaxes, then the rest of my body will also be relaxed."

"This summer course my confidence has grown stronger. I've been more sceptical before. When I've practiced walking in the evening I've really noticed how much better I walk after being here some time. It's hard for me to walk as I suffer from MS. The first day we practiced Dun Qiang I couldn't do a single one but yesterday I did 20. It's really nice to meet everybody. The atmosphere is so good."

"This is my third summer course and a lot have happened. I suffer from MS. It's in my right side of my body. MS gives you many other problems too. The Sunday before the course I got urinary infection. I started to drink a lot of cranberries. On Monday I still had it so I called the doctor. It turned out that I had every symptom but I didn't have the infection. I called my friend and she said that I had a reaction. I never thought about that myself. Ok, it will be fine, I thought. I would really like to get rid of those problems. During the course I've had a lot of reactions in those parts of the body and a couple of days ago it got better. It felt good to hear the doctor saying that I had all the symptoms but not the infection.

Compared to last year my legs are much stronger. The legs are equally strong. Last year something started to happen. Dongyue Su told me to think that my legs were equally strong and I've tried. Many people have told me that they notice that my legs are equally. I can sit with doubled crossed legs without pain.

I've had a poor feeling in my rights side. The feeling in the skin came back during my first summer course and last year I got the feeling back under my foot.

During the spring I've had huge problems keeping my head straight. The skin on my right side has hung when I've practiced or being tired. I've worked a lot on it and it has been painful. During the course it started to tickle. Every now and then during the arm training I've had the feeling that my head is complete. It's really cool."

Graf eng 2011 Sommarkurs

Feet, hearing

"I've had a lump on my feet which I've needed a plaster for. The doctors thought I would need to do an operation. It feels like the lump is smaller now and I haven't needed a plaster in many days. I also think my hearing is better. Usually my hearing is poor but today I heard sounds that I never had heard before and then I understood that it was drums in the music that I hadn't been able to hear before."


"I've been to some summer courses. For the first time I've been able to keep calm during the whole course. For me that is a great progress."

Tense jaws

"My jaws have been tense for 20 years and something is happening in that area. The jaws have been warm. I've felt dizzy and strange. When I look in the mirror the jaws look more relaxed."

Sleep less

"I've had a tough period with sickness and deaths in the family. This course I've slept much better than I've done in three years."


"My condition is much better. I walk faster. Someone asked me to walk slower so we could walk together. My sight has improved."


"I started to practice because of my painful joints. I'm more energetic and I sleep better. When I came here my shoulders were very tense. I also have had problems with my teeth due to my rheumatism. I don't produce saliva and the mouth is really dry which causes cavities. During the training a lot has happen in my mouth. Sometimes it's been really dry, sometimes I've had a lot of saliva. My shoulders are softer."

Biking, rheumatism

"I've made progress, both physically and mentally. I know this is really good for me. I've been in a car accident and I suffer from a rheumatic disease. I have had a lot of pain in my neck but not the last two years. Before I came here I went biking with my husband and grand children. I haven't been biking for ten years. I screamed: "I'm biking". Before I haven't had the strength to bike. It was fantastic! We biked two days."


"This is my first summer course. I was not looking forward to sleep ten people in one room. I've had a lack of energy and I was afraid of not being able to sleep. I thought it would not work but it has. I've slept very well here. Another positive thing with being this many people together is that I've met so many nice people. I'm happy the teachers didn't let me sleep alone in a cottage, which I asked for."

Singing voice

"My singing voice has improved. I had to try singing in the shower. I had a cold when I was young which destroyed my voice but now it's back. I also think that my voice is clearer."


"It has been a great course. I've been much calmer and happier and it hasn't been tough being with this many people, which it has before."

Sit on the floor

"This is my first Summer Course, I am very inspired. I came here with a bad leg, I couldn't sit but that pain is gone now. So now I can even sit on the floor, I couldn't do that the first week. A lot has happened, my whole body has relaxed; I can do everything without feeling that everything is stiff in my body and that is a very big change. It feels great to be in a new body, not the one you have at home all the time. And I dare to relax and sink down in my own body. So thank you so much!"

Heart operation, pain

"I fell down last winter and hurt my back very badly and have been in a lot of pain. And now during the arm training the pain disappeared and came back on and off, so it is really in the process of getting better. Why I started to practise was that I have a bad heart condition, a disease, I had to have an acute operation where I almost died. It was a big shock to me. But I started to practise just after the operation. It was hard, I was very sick. I practised and listened to Mr Su's lectures and that actually helped me a lot because I got my first strong reaction when he had talked and I had really listened and understood what he said. I have to relax in my body. I have had another operation after. Qigong helped me a lot in preparation for that."


"I feel that I have grown five centimetres and have a wonderful posture and very good mobility in my shoulders, so I am very grateful, thank you!"

Body Regained

"I have realized during these years that you have to pay for not practising and during this course I felt that I've slowly regained my body. Very interesting and nice."

Stress, Pain

"This is my first time here. I had pain in both my knees when I came here. I get pain in them after I train at the gym a lot. But it disappeared. No pain now at all. I also had a lot of stress, but I feel that my head is much clearer now. I don't feel tired at all, very positive."


"I have practiced a while. This has been a great course, nice people, a lot of people have worked hard to take care of others. I sleep less here, just 5-6 hours, I don't need to sleep more than that. My right shoulder dropped down during one arm training and I feel that Qi works in my knees, back, in my whole body."


"I realize how much mental pollution I have, but that's good to realize because then you can clean it away. I also have gotten good results during these years. Once my back opened up, suddenly I could go down 40 centimetres in 15 minutes training. Not even at a Summer Course, just at home practising."

Disability Pensioner, Scar

"Qigong has helped me from being a disability pensioner to work full time. I was a physical wreck when I joined the Summer Course the first time, I couldn't bend down at all, I had surgery in my back. I had special shoes for my feet and went to rehabilitation four times a week but after the first Summer Course I haven't been back. I don't need my special shoes any more and the foot specialist said that that is impossible. The feet cannot change like that. My scoliosis is gone. I also have scars on my body, two big ones across the abdomen, they were red, hard and calloused, they were not fresh scars. But when I took a shower during a Summer Course three years ago I noticed that my scars are really thin, soft and hardly noticeable."

See the Results

"I am here for the second time. I feel more grounded in my training. I don't feel any Qi or the Qi-field but I see the result in my wife, son and the participants here that this is a nice field to be in."

Tennis elbow

"I had a chronic tennis elbow so I lived on pain killers and since I started to practise I've become better and better. I eat maybe 90% less pain medicines now. I painted my summer house last summer, three times with some help of course, and last winter I renovated my apartment, painted the ceiling, walls, laid a new floor and it was no problem at all, just a little pain sometimes."


"I have not been practising so much during the last year, but in a strange way I have felt relaxed after all and everything in life goes as it should. I have noticed that I practise a lot mentally, I try to relate to Qigong when I am waiting for a buss, when I am sitting in a buss or when I am at work. I am thinking naturally of my posture; all that comes naturally. I was a bit worried about what could happen at the Summer Course but it has been fantastic. I thought I would have to start from scratch again, tired and with a lot of pain, but I have never felt so peaceful as I do today. It seems as if one gets a lot of help only from thinking in the right way, or trying to stop thinking. Creating more space in between the thoughts is something new to me, but interesting and good."

Stand Better

"This is my first Summer Course. Today I felt something new in my feet. I usually feel like my feet are like big watermelons, but I stand better now."


"When I sit I usually feel that I am crooked, but now I feel that I sit straight."


"I have practiced 8 ½ days of Qigong. I have had so much pain here, that I haven't had before in my life. But the third day it all disappeared and with that a lot of stress disappeared. I sleep well, I have a tool I can use. I've also felt so lovely feeling in the group, such love and feeling of belonging together, so incredible in such a big group of people. It is very strong to hear all the improvements of all the people."


"During these years that I've practised, my balance has improved. My body is more supple and flexible. My mind is calmer. So I will keep on practising. I'm looking forward to nine more days. I can only say that I'm older in years but I feel better and more healthy."

Difference like night and day

"You should have seen me last fall. Then I could hardly lift my arms. I was completely exhausted. I had to stay in bed. The difference is like night and day. The turning point came through Qigong."


"I had an accident in March and I broke a muscle and I thought "this is it, I will have to stop training for a year." But I did extra Qigong training and after four days the pain was down from 100% to 10%. I'm very happy with that and I'm very, very happy to be here."

Love for life

"Even though I have heard the things Dongyue said many times before, it's like I hear them on another level. Studying Qi by practising, that's something you can't learn by reading a book. I am so grateful for this knowledge. I feel great love for life, myself and all the people here. I feel like I have come out of a shell and realised how many beautiful people there are around me. Life is beautiful."

Varicose veins

"When I came here the first day and found out that I was staying in the second floor I was a bit worried. My foot may not support me when I walk in stairs, so I asked to change rooms. This was arranged. But I almost felt a bit guilty for that, now that you have all seen me running around this place without any problems."

Bad knee

"I have a bad knee. It has been really bad this spring. I felt like I couldn't walk properly and I worried about the leg exercises. But it worked really well and my knee feels much better. It is strange and amazing. My body is more flexible. I can sit on the floor without getting pain in my back. Some tension has released. I feel like I get a nicer body to live in. I feel really motivated and happy about this course."

Sommarkurs 2011 blomsterkorg

Sleep, eye-sight

"My eye-sight has improved. I could not see the numbers on the code-lock on the door here, but now I can. I can also read this text in front of me with my right eye. I usually sleep a lot and feel really tired. But I haven't felt tired at all during the course. I haven't even yawned one single time during the course. Six hours sleep has been enough. I feel stronger physically. I feel I have energy for so much more."

Tense body

"When I came here I had a lot of pain in my back and tension in all my upper body. Each movement in La Qi was painful. But that's gone now and I can keep my back straight. There are also other changes in my body which I want to get confirmed by a doctor. This has been a very positive experience. I feel I have gained a lot of mental abilities and thoughts I can use to handle my life in a better way. I want to thank you all for arranging such a good course. I'm really happy I came here. Thank you!"

Cell phone

"I came here mainly because I'm sensitive to cell phone radiation. But I have almost forgotten about that, because I had such strong feelings of Qi in this course. At the moment I'm overwhelmed, strong and I feel like I found my home."


Su Dongyue