Hold Qi up Norwich [2011-04-02]

We hade a lovely choir of birds singing to us as we where learning Hold Qi Up in Norwich. It was warm spring days and windows opened to let the wonderful sound of spring in. In the school up on a hill with nice view over Norwich we where a group of beginners and repeaters learning and practising in a warm and helping atmosphere together. Many participants talked about the welcoming and helping atmosphere.

Some comments from the participants:

Joy and happiness

"This course felt different than earlier ones, it is as I am doing it for the first time. And the gentle smile that I have been trying to keep came out of it self. To do Qigong is a joy thing."

"It is happiness to being here. I like it very much so thank you!"

"This is very enjoyable. I have got more aware of my body and it is looking for balance."

"It is amazing how much I have learned this weekend. For the balance the posture feels like a gift. It feels like a bit of life to address."

"This is a marvellous thing and it feels like I am on the edge of learning a lot. I feel exited about it."

Softer in the body

"I feel a lot softer in the body than when I came to the course. I am determined to give Qigong my best shot."

"The last course was the first one for me and after that I practised regularly. I have had a car accident earlier and after that I got whiplash. Recently I had a car accident again and I was so happy that I have practised Qigong for 4 month before that so I did La Qi and I think that has helped me thru this accident better. My body has got much softer."

Better state of mind

"I think the best is that the state of mind is so much better after practising Qigong. I have also noticed that Qigong helps me to make decisions, in work and in life generally."

"I enjoyed it. I have done a lot of sports in my life so this is good to practise both physical and the mental parts."

Life less complicated

"I have basically done Qigong everyday. But I have been ill the last weeks and have not practised so much. And by not doing it I have been less energetic and have much less balance. When I practise regularly life gets less complicated and the Qigong sort of holds me together."

Brilliant to practice together

"It is brilliant to have so many people practising together. Very good to go thru all the movements again, it is like a good revision."

"How lovely it is to be back here again and there is always something new to pick up. I tend to get in to little habits and it is so good to correct the movements and learn again."

"It is so good to have a group to go to every week and practise with, that helps a lot. I have been concentrated on the movements this weekend and I found that is being good for focusing and being calm."

"I had a problem in my body so I kept on practising every day even if I had some reactions, and thanks to that my function is now normal. It is wonderful to practise with such a large group of people, that helped me not to think so much and it reinforces me."

"I feel humble about Qigong. I liked this way of learning, in a weekend and then you can actually start to practise by yourself. And I liked the way that it was taught during the course, it suited me well."

Improved sight

"Every spring for the last 10 years I have been on a special diet because of cronical decease in gold bladder and liver and this year I do not have to do that. My sight is improving so I don't have to look for my glasses so much anymore. I feel younger and so much calmer."

Aware of the body

"I am surprised of how much more aware of the body I got during the weekend. I think this was and interesting and fun course."

Build up energy level

"I am pleased to come back and do a weekend course. It builds up my energy level."

Frozen shoulder gone

"I had a bad injury in my foot and knee so I had crutches for 18 month. I also had a frozen shoulder. I started to practise Qigong thanks to my brother who practises. After the first weekend course and three weeks of practising my frozen shoulder was gone. When I came to summer course I had one stick left that I walked with and after summer course I did not need my stick anymore. I enjoyed being here."

Lung infection disappeared

"I am amazed about this weekend and the atmosphere here was very steady. You can read more about my case at the homepage but I had a lung infection that was shown on x-ray before summer course. After the course they x-rayed me again and the infection was gone!"

Lump on the back getting smaller

"I have a lump on the back of my neck and it is getting smaller since I started with Qigong."


Fatima Ringvall