Hold Qi up Stockholm [2011-04-09]

We held the second course this spring in Hold Qi Up in Stockholm together with the East Asia Museum. Several of the participants expressed their gratitude towards the museum's beautiful setting. The New on the course learned quickly, much because of the help they got from our more experienced students.

From the participants comments:

Whole family together, grown as a person

"I am very happy that I have come here. I'm here with my family and I think it's so exciting that I can stand here and practice with my children when they were small and I practiced for them. Now they stand next to and train with us. It gives me much happiness. When I think back to how it was when I started practicing I can say that I now am a completely different person than I was back then. I have grown as a person, I have learned to take my responsibility and can take my space and am a stronger person. I came here because I had problems with migraines, but got so very much more, I got something I had not expected."


"It is to me a great pleasure to have with me my whole family here. Husband and my two children. I want to thank you all for a wonderful course."

Fun to practice Qigong

"It's been a nice course, I was not expecting that it would be so fun to practice qigong."


"Now that I am here on I will remember that I need to get the qifield more often. I shall join group exercise again."

Many improvements

"I started training because I had problems with my knees, but the problem quickly disappeared after I had started practicing qigong, but I continued to practice because I saw I got so many other good improvements. I have had more patience, greater distance to the things in life. The positive in me get so much more space."

Balance problems

"I started training because I have a neurological disease which among other things gave me severe balance problems. I was, after I had started practicing quickly much better and now I'm training because I feel so much better in so many ways when I practice qigong. Everyday life becomes easier, I can handle it a lot easier. There are things in life that used to be a great source of irritatoin that now affects me much less."

Softer and more relaxed

"I was pretty good physical shape when I was in twenty years, or so i thought. But when I started practicing Qigong, I discovered that I was stiff and tense and not as relaxed as I thought I was. I am much softer and more relaxed than I was twenty years ago."

Good condition

"I practice nothing else than qigong anymore, I feel I get along just fine with qigong. I have pretty good condition and I hold my body in good physical shape just with qigong."


Lars Hagner