Hold Qi up Korsholm [2011-03-26]

The Vasa region basic course was for the first time held in Korsholm. We were in a nice building owned by Folkhälsan in Smedsby, somewhat outside of Vasa. The facilities were very good for our purposes and we also enjoyed good food in the lunch restaurant in the same building. The course set a double record for Vasa: we never have had so many participants at a course there and never have had as many beginners. Most of the new participants found their way to us via a friend or relative who had practised Qigong and had got good results.

The atmosphere was good and the level of eagerness to practise was high. Many of the new participants immediately felt a positive effect from the practise. Their more experienced peers could inspire them with the results they had achieved over a longer period of time. Below is an extract from participants' comments on the course and their experiences with Zhineng Qigong.

Pleasant Movements

"I like La Qi. The movements in Hold Qi Up are pleasant."

Standing Better

"I learn to find a point where I can stand."

Better Physically and Mentally

"This is my third course. It get better and better every time, both physically and mentally. I feel ready to go to the summer course now."

Help with Sleeping Problems

"I noticed good results in 2008, when I easily got a cold and had a lot of stress at work. Still, I slept a lot. Before I had problems sleeping. I do not have the same problems sleeping now. If I cannot sleep, I practise at night. I have a stronger belief that I can manage with things. I have not been sick in a while now. I notice I get small results from every course."


Migraine Improved

"I have had migraines since I was 15 years, then I often had a migraine for 3 days in a row. After I started practising Qigong it has become better."

Softer Neck

"My neck and back are not in good shape. This weekend I have felt pleasant in the neck, it has felt soft. It feels good."

Master the Back Better

"When I retired I had back problems. I feel that the practice has helped, I master my back better now."

Back Pain Disappeared

"Before when I slept for 7 hours I got a back pain, now I can sleep 10 hours without problems."

Better Shoulders and Back

"This is my first course. I feel that it was good for the shoulders and back."

"Before I started with Qigong I had little joy of life, a 'stress tummy' and was thinking too much. I did not function very well physically or mentally. I even got sick from drinking water. I had frequent problems with my stomach and due to this I did not like being around people. After a few years of my friend trying to convince me I started with Qigong. Already at the first course a lot of things happened. All the results came at once. I ate a lot of foods from the health store, such as probiotica. After 5-6 months I quit all those things. I also used to have migraines during autumns and springs. I also have had terrible menstruation cramps, no pain medication could ease them. I had so much pain that I could not stand or lie down, I had to stand on all fours and rock back and forth. I no longer have this. I also had allergies and anaphylactic shocks. I am allergic to spices and vegetables. Now I can eat greens and fruits and I can be around animals. I was tested for asthma but no medication worked. After a while my test results were at the same level and I was no longer considered to have asthma."

Got My Voice Back

"I have had a cold the whole weekend, now I got my voice back."

Peace in the Chaos

"This is my first course. It has been very rewarding. I have found peace after a chaotic period."

Improved Tennis Elbow and Eye Sight

"For several years I had a lot of pain in my arm. I had a chronic tennis elbow that was operated after 10 years of constant pain, day and night. I have practiced Qigong for 6 years and noticed that I have become better gradually over time. Today I manage to take 95 % less pain medication compared to before. I have for the past 2.5 months been renovating the apartment, painted the ceiling and walls, and remade the floor. This I have done, and it would have been impossible 2-3 years ago! I have been at 3 Summer Courses and at one of them I felt something happening behind my one eye, and when I went to the eye doctor later the results showed that my eye sight had improved with 1.0 for one eye and 0.5 for the other. I have also become much softer in the body, I am not that stiff any longer. And now that I practise Qigong and stand better, my back has straightened and I am 2 cm taller than before. That is good for the BMI. I also sleep better now than before."


Jeanette Heidenberg