Hold Qi up Västerås [2011-04-02]

There was a calm and comfortable felling at the course. The participants got the chance to improve the quality in the movements and practise in our strong Qifield.

Comments from the participants:

Feels Good

"I hope that everyone will attend the group training. It's a good way to get started. A lot of positive things have happened with my back during the years I've practised Qigong. The biggest reason why I'm practising is that it make me feel good."

Safe Feeling

"I love to practise Qigong. I feel safe when I have this training method."

Stay Healthy

"I'm getting older and older so it's good to practise Qigong to stay healthy."

Improved Quality

"I improved the quality in some of the movements. The training gives me positive effects."


"I came here because I'm curious, I felt that I had to try this method. I'm appealed by the thinking way in Qigong."


"This was my first course. I have learned to relax, I need that in my everyday life."


Johannes Nordgaard