Hold Qi up Turku [2011-03-19]

This spring's basic course in Turku took place just as we had our first really lovely spring day. The sun warmed nicely outside and inside in the training hall we were warmed by the nice atmosphere. Many in Turku have practised for quite some time, so those who joined the course for the first time had good support from their more experienced course mates. The training was efficient and many could feel clear effects after just the two days of the course. When the participants were asked to describe what they felt about the course, they used words like happy, inspired and grateful.

Below follows a selection of the comments the participants shared with us at the end of the course.

More Energy, Improved Sleep and Better Back

"I practise twice a day, morning and evening. It is positive both for my body and my mind. I have more energy and I sleep better. I have problems with my back and practising Qigong has helped me a lot. I have learned much in this course too."

Back Problems Improved

"Thanks to Qigong I can overcome my back problems. I practise regularly. I need it. If I sometimes don't, because of my travelling, I notice immediately. I think this has been a really nice course."


Better Sleep

"I am so happy we came. It has felt good. A really great atmosphere. Qigong makes everything feel easier. I sleep better. I sleep less, but I still have energy to do more. It has been great. Thank you, all of you."

Softer, Better Balance, More Patient

"I have practised for quite many years. I just feel better in general than I used to. I used to be very stiff. My balance has improved. I have more patience. I would never dare to stop practising Qigong."

Back Improved, No Colds

"I started practising Qigong because of my back problems. My back is clearly much better, even if I just had a slightly worse period. Also a lot of small issues are better. I used to, for instance, catch colds a lot, but now I haven't for many years."

Soft Body, Kinder and Happier

"Being here with you has felt really good. I feel like I have found my happy self again. I feel delightful right now. I have practised for quite long. It has made me a kinder and happier person. I also enjoy the feeling of a soft body. It feels good. In the weekend courses I feel like a beginner every time. You learn so many new things all the time."

Qigong a Good Experience

"I have practised for some time and I have had good experiences over the years. I practise every day. It's worth it. Qigong is one of the best things in my life."

Never Regretted a Qigong Course

"I have participated in quite many weekend courses during the last year. Qigong takes a lot of my time – time away from other things. But it never feels wasted. Other things I do I sometimes regret afterwards, but I have never regretted a Qigong course."

About the Course

"I have positive impressions of the course. I liked the atmosphere. It was very inspiring. I will try the method, practise daily at home and participate in the weekly practice group. Qigong is a valuable new acquaintance also because I have lived in South-East Asia. This gives me a feeling of not having left that culture completely. On a physical level I feel positive. I feel that this is good for my neck, shoulders and spine."

"This has been a really good course. I have been ill for a longer period of time. These two days have been the best I have had in the last six months."


Jeanette Heidenberg